Vol 44, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


A Tribute to Justice Theodore Boehm PDF
Gerald L. Bepko 341-346
Tribute to Justice Theodore R. Boehm PDF
Joel M. Schumm, Paul L. Jefferson 347-352
Professor Henry C. Karlson A Remembrance October 29, 2010 PDF
William F. Harvey 353-356


Judicial Strategy and Legal Reason PDF
Evelyn Keyes 357-394
A Case of Doubtful Certainty: The Court Relapses into Search Incident to Arrest Confusion in Arizona v. Gant PDF
George M. Dery III 395-426
Towards Recognizing and Reconciling the Multiplicity of Values and Interests in Trademark Law PDF
Michael S. Mireles Jr. 427-502
Wrongfully Incarcerated, Randomly Compensated—How to Fund Wrongful-Conviction Compensation Statutes PDF
Deborah Mostaghel 503-544


Who Needs Contract Law?—A Critical Look at Contractual Indemnification (or Lack Thereof) in FHAA and ADA "Design and Construct" Cases PDF
Charles Daugherty 545-580
Application or Registration?: Confusion Regarding the Copyright Act's Prerequisite to Copyright Infringement Lawsuits PDF
Thomas M. Landrigan 581-604
Justice or Mental Health . . . Should Litigants Have to Choose? Mental Health as a Reason to Proceed Anonymousl PDF
Sarah Orme 605-626
"Growing Pains" in Indiana Age Discrimination Law PDF
David T. Vlink 627-655

ISSN: 0090-4198