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Christina Adam

Bio Statement Happy birthday images On Stefans desk I found a manuscript. "Doppelgänger" - apparently a draft for a new crime scene. Immediately I deepened myself into the reading, which captured me from the first page. I was upset but also disappointed that the manuscript had not yet been finalized happy birthday pictures. I would have liked to learn the solution to this intricate puzzle. I knew the double story would be an absolute top seller. Shortly before falling asleep, a thought came to mind. Stefan and I were the same size and we had a similar stature. I could, as long as I lived here, use Stefan's extravagant wardrobe. The idea of slipping into Stefan's textile cover during my stay put me in a tingling unease.

Happy birthday images The next morning I discovered on a chest of drawers a photograph of Stefan, which was apparently more recent. I decided spontaneously to deviate from my plan of work. I put the picture with the frame in my pocket, drove into the city and looked for a trendy cool hair salon. There I put the photo before and let the hair dye a bit darker and stylize the hairstyle as Stefan. When I asked the smart Figaro to shave off my mustache as well, a little debate ensued. He thought I looked much more distinctive with mustache. I gave him the right. I had only recently grown the mustache and I also found it to be excellent. But it had to be. When the master finished his work with a deep sigh, the transformation was perfect.

That I should learn again and again in the coming days and weeks. In different places I was greeted by wild men. No doubt, they thought me Stefan. I always greeted kindly, but kept enough distance, so no one noticed the roll exchange. Probably but not a few were irritated by "Stefans" distant nature.

Happy birthday images The days were the same as I had planned on the train ride, but they should be much more productive than I thought. The evenings, which were not subject to any regulation, were, on the other hand, quite different from what I could ever have imagined. That is, the first evenings and nights were quite programmatic. Two times I had only returned in the early morning hours from St. Pauli, where I had enriched the treasure chest of my sexual experiences by a few bizarre experiences. The other two times I had after an extensive evening walk in front of the TV.

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