How to Win Legislative Victories and Influence Legislators in Indiana - An Open Letter to Public Affairs Professionals

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Christina Schneider


Every January in Indianapolis, members of the General Assembly—100 Representatives and 50 Senators—convene to vote on bills that will modify, or create, Indiana laws. These elected officials rely on suggestions from constituents, lobbyists, and public affairs practitioners. By understanding the timeframe and process of bill creation, non-profit and government professionals can effectively advocate for their agencies and stakeholders.

As a public affairs professional, you have the ability to shape, and even craft, new laws in Indiana. Members of the General Assembly need your help creating bills that benefit their constituents. If you understand the legislative process, and know when to reach out to elected officials, you can affect powerful change for your stakeholders. As a former Statehouse intern, I learned the most effective time periods for influencing legislators, and I want to share them with you.

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