Vol 8, No 2 (1989)

Fall/Winter 1989

Table of Contents

Front Matter PDF
JTW Staff JTW Staff
Artful Compositions, Corder's 'Laws of Composition,' and the Weekly Letter: Two Approaches to Teaching Invention and Arrangement in Freshman English PDF
Bob Frye 1-14
Intertextual Trips: Teaching the Essay in the Composition Class PDF
Nancy Kline 15-38
Written Commentaries as a Way of Learning about Writing PDF
Robert P. Yagelski 39-48
The Effects of Tape-Recorded Commentary on Student Revision: A Case Study PDF
Jeffrey Sommers 49-76
Using a Local Area Network to Teach Computer Revision Skills PDF
Diane P. Thompson 77-86
Transaction in Holistic Scoring: Using a Computer to Understand the Process PDF
Carolyn B. Matalene, Nancy Barendse 87-108
The Graduation Speech: Editing for a Real Life Ritual PDF
Susan Hunt 109-114
Who is the General Audience and What Does It Want: A Sequence for Teaching Informative Writing PDF
Celest Martin 115-132
The Plagiario and the Professor in Our Peculiar Institution PDF
Frank McCormick 133-146
Functional Grammar and Its Application in the Compostion Classroom PDF
Charles Meyer 147-168
The Resistance to Teaching: a Review of Retaining Pedagogy: The Rhetoric of the Classroom ed. by Patricia Donahue and Ellen Quandahl and Popular Culture, Schooling, and Everyday Life ed. by Henry A. Giroux and Roger I. Simon PDF
Joseph Harris 169-178
"Si necesse est, in anulo basias ei dab ut discat" a Review of Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose PDF
Harvey Kail 179-188
Back Matter PDF
JTW Staff JTW Staff 189-193