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Multiracial hands making a circle together around the world globe art photo  print" Sticker by ArtNudePhotos | Redbubble ENGAGE! editors invite you to submit for the next edition of the journal focused on environmental justice by May 31st. According to Lutz and Neis, in Making and Moving Knowledge (2008), the principal challenge for human-kind in the 21st century will be to achieve a truly sustainable relationship with the environment while developing socio-economic and cultural systems that ensure human rights, comfort and dignity. Environmental justice, in practice, suggests an engagement with movements, “. . . expanding the conception of social justice and the reality of injustice on the ground, in the air, in one’s food, at the workplace or school, and in the playground” (Schlosberg (2013, p.51). For this issue, the scope is broad, defining environmental justice within a number of contexts. 

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Vol. 1 No. 3 (2020): ENGAGE! Co-created knowledge serving the public good
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In our third issue of ENGAGE!, Indiana University's first academic journal focused on community-engaged research, we stress the critical importance of  community engaged research focused on racism and the significant impacts on our communities and neighbors.   "We hope you gain a deeper appreciation and base of knowledge about peace through this issue of ENGAGE! from people who have devoted their lives to making our world a better place. Know that it only takes one person to begin the peacemaking process.  You do not have to wait for a peacemaker. Become a peacemaker creating a better world for everyone."  -- ENGAGE! Guest Editor Tim Nation, Executive Director, Peace Learning Center


Published: 2020-12-18

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