An Emerging University-School-Community Partnership: A Story in Two Acts


  • Seungho Moon Loyola University Chicago
  • Jon Schmidt
  • Anna Press
  • Dave Ensminger
  • Mitch Hendrickson



partnership, narrative research, community engagement


The purpose of this article is to share and theorize narratives regarding an institutional effort to build a sustainable partnership with underrepresented community schools. Narrative research is applied as a mode of inquiry with vivid stories and lived experience. Logos University [pseudonym] has developed and strengthened partnerships with seven community schools over the past decades to promote equity and social justice in the urban context. The sustainability of partnerships has been an emerging issue in university-assisted community schools. This paper provides vivid narratives and insight into a suggestion for a sustainable partnership model from a university perspective. Authors garner multiple narratives about partnerships and institutional efforts to create degree programs including Program T for undergraduate teacher education and Program C for graduate programs. Authors articulate the complexity of community partnerships and crucial elements to consider for advancing partnerships with mutual respect and trust. As part of institutional efforts to create sustainable partnerships, authors illustrate the process and development of one undergraduate and one graduate programs associated with university-community-school partnerships. These programs are focused on educating students as research-practitioners in the ongoing sustainable support and collaboration among schools, universities, and communities. This paper elaborates the origin of Program T and Program C and community partnership elements embedded in these programs. An asset-based frame is examined across narratives in developing and implementing degree programs and offering core courses. The subjectivities of each author enrich the conversations on ongoing efforts to build sustainable, trust-based partnerships. Overall, this paper contributes to extend the approach to community partnership and equity-oriented education highlighting the value of university-community partnership for local schools and institutional efforts. 






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