Analyzing Perceptions of Community-Engaged Health Research Partnerships Comprising Hispanic Groups and Academic Allies in Indiana


  • Cindy Gil Office of Community Engagement, IUPUI
  • Karla Armenta HealthLINK Center, San Diego State University
  • Camila Espada IUPUI
  • Leonel Ontiveros-Salinas IUPUI
  • Gerardo Maupome Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, IUPUI



Community-engaged research (CER), Hispanic, public health, key informant interviews, dental care education


Objectives: To analyze perceptions about multiple community-engaged oral health research partnerships with various local Hispanic-serving institutions and community-based organizations occurring in Indiana from 2010 through 2020, via interviews with actors involved in those partnerships.

Methods: We designed key informant interview questions based on a literature review to inform the approach
at synthesizing perspectives from community partners and academic allies. Statements were categorized using thematic analysis and grounded theory.

Lessons Learned: Forty percent of respondents stated that community-engaged research projects connect communities with educational information about dental care and low-cost resources. In terms of capacity building, about half of respondents felt these projects had a positive impact.

Conclusions: Community partners defined positive impact as increasing access to dental care educational resources, helping to enhance communication networks through social media with community partners, and contributing to local Hispanic health education through TV, internet, and radio partnerships. The partnerships uniting Hispanic groups and academic allies appear to have helped set a foundation of trust to support current and future efforts in Indiana.