Peer Review in a Social Policy Course: Lessons Learned

  • Shauna P. Acquavita University of Cincinnati
  • Carolyn J. Tice University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Keywords: Peer review, education, social work, writing skills, critical thinking


Peer review is a tool that provides students with a sense of how their work is perceived by others. Built on refection and feedback, peer review assesses the quality of academic processes and products based on well-understood criteria. Peer review was implemented in a baccalaureate social work policy course to enhance writing and critical thinking skills. Students were surveyed on their experiences and indicated that peer review activities provided beneficial learning exercises. The information gathered suggests methods for future implementation of peer review in social work education.

Author Biographies

Shauna P. Acquavita, University of Cincinnati
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Carolyn J. Tice, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
DSW Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Social Work University of Maryland, Baltimore County 1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, Maryland 21250