Dialogues in Music Therapy Education Special Edition on Supervision


The editorial board of Dialogues in Music Therapy Education welcomes submissions for a special edition on music therapy supervision.

What are we are accepting:

  • Creative works
  • Research articles (Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods, ABR)
  • Reviews of literature
  • Roundtable interview
  • Research briefs
  • Resource sharing


  • Cross-cultural music therapy supervision
  • Ableism in music therapy supervision
  • Racism in music therapy supervision
  • Care-based music therapy supervision
  • Hetero-normativism in supervision
  • Student perspectives on music therapy supervision
  • Academic advising
  • Research mentorship
  • Practicum supervision
  • Internship supervision
  • Virtual supervision
  • Communication between faculty and internship supervisors

Due dates:

  • Submissions due August 15
  • Revisions due October 1


  • October 14, 2021