Large Event Security - A Case Study of Spokane Events, WA


  • Angela Senter Washington State University
  • Mark Beattie Carson College of Business-WSU
  • Demi Deng Carson College of Business-WSU



Event security, communication, collaboration, pandemic response, risk management


Large event security has become increasingly complex over the past 20 years. Security incidents have included headline tragedies such as the Las Vegas shooting in 2017 and the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Spokane, Washington, has been no exception to the need to enhance guest security for large-scale events, as evidenced by the Hoopfest gang-related shooting in 2010 and the Martin Luther King Jr. Day bombing attempt in 2011. Balancing the interests of stakeholders has become challenging for event management professionals in both planning and operations phases. Security strategies and trainings designed for security and guest service staff are critical for the success of new protocols. Transparent communication to the public is crucial for the event's success and the guarantee of guest satisfaction. This case study aims to document the leadership decisions made to enhance security for large-scale events held in Downtown Spokane and the Spokane Arena. Focusing on several tipping points, the leadership decisions and implementation are chronicled as a case study, along with the decisions and protocols that continue to influence large event security in the Spokane area. This study will benefit other event planners and venues as they face security system upgrades, protocols, and implementation.

Author Biographies

Mark Beattie, Carson College of Business-WSU

Dr. Beattie is Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs and Scholarly Assistant Professor in the School of Hospitality Business Management at Washington State University Everett. Nearly all his courses are designed using hybrid and online course delivery with experience in designing over 20 courses. He has taught and researched internationally in Switzerland, Malawi, Tanzania, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Beattie has over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry with 20 of those years in management positions with restaurants, hotel food and beverage operations, and managed services.

Demi Deng, Carson College of Business-WSU

Deng is a graduate teaching assistant in the School of Hospital Business Management with the Carson College of Business.  






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