Image of the destination in knowledge management for the reactivation of the tourism economy in the face of Covid-19


  • Cruz García Lirios Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México



Covid-19 Image destiny, knowledge management, tourism,


The image of the destination is a central process in the tourism agenda. The establishment of a model or explanatory includes predictive variables the satisfactory experience in terms of transfer, stay and return. In this way, the objective of this work is to demonstrate the axes, trajectories and relationships between the determining variables of the destination image in order to anticipate knowledge management scenarios aimed at reactivating the tourist economy. A correlation work was carried out to with a selection of sources indexed to international repositories, considering the search for keywords in the period of the pandemic. The results show homogeneous random effects that suggest risk thresholds for the decision - making of the tourist experience based on its predictors, although these findings correspond to a data tracking and processing system that can be developed according to the prevalence of the literature.






Literature Review