• Chloe Greenberg


Digital collage & acrylic paint, 6.5" 6.5"

On "Fingertoes!": "This illustration is one of many pieces for Chloe's senior thesis. It depicts the members of her power pop band named Fingertoes. They play fun, upbeat music, so she wanted to portray that through energetic, colorful imagery."


Author Biography

Chloe Greenberg

Chloe Greenberg is an illustrator and printmaker based in Indianapolis, and she’s currently in the B.F.A. program for Drawing and Illustration at Herron School of Art and Design. She is primarily interested in editorial and children's book illustration and is expected to graduate this Spring. As well as being an artist, Chloe writes and performs music in her free time. She has been heavily influenced by local music and the community with which that provides. She has illustrated and printed merchandise such as T-Shirts, patches, tour flyers, stickers and posters for multiple bands.




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