Grandma and Grandpa


  • Caroline Hawkins


Oil on canvas, 18" x 24"

On "Grandma and Granpa": "My work explores my relationship with my personal medical history. While creating this painting, I looked to my family for inspiration. I used a photograph I had taken as a reference for this peace. This photograph shows the reaction of a scene from another generation, and how these previous generations can have an effect on your life. The abstracted forms within the figures and the solid white background provide a feel of fading or loss of memory. This vast while area helps to create a much larger feel for depth throughout the overall space. All of these things help describe how fragile memories are."

Author Biography

Caroline Hawkins

Caroline Hawkins is a studio artist working on getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Herron School of Art at IUPUI. She is currently a senior planning to graduate in 2021 with a degree in painting and an art therapy certificate, then continue her education through art therapy at IUPUI. Caroline primarily works with oil paints on canvas, but also enjoys working sculpturally. Her work focuses on health. Some branches of this being memory and some form of struggle that comes with a physical diagnosis. In her work, she shows how genetics can significantly influence both your physical and mental health. She takes inspiration from photographs and stories told by family. She also uses research and imagery from medical scans. Caroline has previously shown her work in an exhibition at the Garfield Park Arts Center in March of 2019. She has been given several awards including, the 21st Century Award, the Paul Zimmerman Memorial Endowment Scholarship, and the Nicholson Scholarship.