Support Group Share, September 2020


  • Georgey Elaine


On "Support Group Share, September 2020": "This piece came about from my own experience in a support group as well as my journey through the process of healing. I love writing and poetry is perhaps my favorite medium to express my personal emotions and journeys. I created this poem to express the difficulties that come with the journey of the healing process as well as the way trauma often sticks with individuals who experience it. This year has been hard for many, but especially hard for those healing from trauma and past abuse. This poem is dedicated to those individuals and to my wonderful support group."

Author Biography

Georgey Elaine

Georgey Elaine is a poet, scriptwriter, and full-time shark lover. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s in Media Arts & Science with a minor in Creative Writing. She hopes to continue sharing stories through word as well as film and audio. When Georgey isn’t holding a pen she enjoys watching videos, playing ukulele, and coming up with even more stories.







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