Trailer Trash: Track One


  • Kaylee Kriese


On "Trailer Trash: Track One": "Kaylee Kriese wrote 'Trailer Trash: Track One' when reminiscing on some of her most poignant and fondest childhood memories. She wanted to embody how it felt to be a young dreamer growing up in a low-income environment, though she admits that she is very blessed with the family she has. She hopes that it will give others who can relate a taste of the nostalgia she felt while writing it."

Author Biography

Kaylee Kriese

Kaylee Kriese is a third-year English major with a creative writing concentration at IUPUI. She first resolved to become a writer at the age of nine, after deciding to co-write a particularly ungrammatical fantasy trilogy during recess. Since then, she's worked steadily towards that goal as well as improved her grammar immensely. After college, her hopes are to become a novelist with a job in the editing field. For now though, you might find her with her nose in a book and a latte in hand, still under the misguided belief that she can sing Whitney Houston songs.