A Preliminary Survey of Diatom Taxa from Old-Growth Forest Tip-up Pools in Southeastern Indiana Flatwoods

  • Robert G. Verb Ohio Northern University
  • Darrin L. Rubino Hanover College
Keywords: diatoms, Indiana, temporary pool, tip-up, Tribbetts Woods


The forests of the Illinoian tillplain in southeastern Indiana are characterized by unique hydrology, soil features, and woody species composition. These hydro-mesophytic forests are typified by their poor drainage and lack of topography. Topographic variation is limited to pit-and-mound topography resulting from tree falls. Tip-up pools formed from tree-fall events represent a unique microhabitat in the forest matrix. Although much attention has been given to the woody species composition of these forests, less is known about the biota within these pits. In June 2009, nine tip-up pools from Tribbetts Woods, an oldgrowth remnant forest in Jennings County, Indiana, USA were sampled to determine their diatom composition. A total of 80 diatom taxa were identified from the pool sediments and leaf litter. Sediment samples contained 39 diatom taxa while 71 were found in the leaf litter samples.