The Green Treefrog, Hyla cinerea (Schneider), in Indiana


  • Michael J. Lodato
  • Nathan J. Engbrecht Indiana State University
  • Sarabeth Klueh-Mundy Indiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Zachary Walker Wyoming Game and Fish Department


The Green Treefrog, Hyla cinerea, is widely distributed in the southeastern quadrant of the United States. Although it did not occur historically in Indiana, it was recorded from Vanderburgh County in extreme southwestern Indiana in 2003. From 2003 to 2013 we documented this hylid’s range expansion in Indiana as part of a rapid and recent range expansion in adjoining states in the middle Mississippi Valley. Likely dispersal mechanisms for its appearance and colonization in southwest Indiana are discussed. In addition to distributional records, its status, relative abundance, and potential for additional colonization within the state are reviewed. Our findings indicate that H. cinerea arrived in the state as part of a natural range expansion and that it appears to be permanently established as member of the state’s herpetofauna.