Spiders in Indiana: Seventy-One New and Updated Distribution Records


  • Marc A. Milne Department of Biology, University of Indianapolis
  • Brian Foster Indiana State University
  • Julian J. Lewis Lewis & Associates LLC
  • Leslie Bishop
  • Andrew Hoffman School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University
  • Tyler Ploss Department of Biology, University of Indianapolis
  • Broderick Deno Department of Biology, University of Indianapolis


Araneae, arachnid, range, extension, faunistics, state record


Spiders are an integral part of many ecosystems, yet their diversity is understudied in Indiana. To uncover spider diversity within the state, spiders were collected from several ecosystems in many counties across the state. Moreover, spiders were re-identified within the collection of a former Indiana arachnologist, Thomas Parker. Herein we report sixty-four new state records for spider species and update seven species distribution records. These new records represent a 19% increase in the number of spider species known from Indiana, from 383 to 454. Some notable discoveries: 1) Antrodiaetus unicolor, Cybaeus giganteus, Oecobius cellariorum, and Ummidia tuobita represent species within four new families of spiders for the state (Antrodiaetidae, Cybaeidae, Oecobiidae, and Ctenizidae, respectively); and 2) Dipoena nigra, Eidmannella pallida, Idionella rugosa, Neon nelli, Styloctetor purpurescens, Paracornicularia bicapillata, Oreonetides beattyi, Larinia directa, Microneta viaria, Spintharus flavidus, Lepthyphantes turbatrix, Lupettiana mordax, Tapinocyba emertoni, Phylloneta pictipes, Ceratinopsidis formosa, Talanites exlineae, and    represent species within 17 new genera for the state.






Zoology and Entomology