• Dennis G. Peters


Abstracts included:

M. Behforouz, J.L. Bolan and T.T. Curran. Regiospecific Addition
of Organocuprate Reagents to α, ß — Unsaturated Esters.

M. Behforouz, M.E. Ogle and H. Zarrinmayeh. ß—Carbolines
and their Tetrahydro Compounds Derived from the Amino Acid ß—Methyltryptophan.

Stanley L. Burden, A. Griffin, K. Hartmen, G. Passon, D. Baxter,
A. Pedersen, T. Ferris, P. VanVleet, B. Zimmerman, P. Clark
and R. Phillips. Computerized Electronic Weighing.

Christopher Colburn, Mark R. Johnson, John A. Mosbo and Lynn R. Sousa. Effects of Alkali Metal Cation and Crown Ether Ring
Size and Rigidity on Binding Constants and Carbon-13 NMR
Chemical Shifts in Napthalene-containing Crown Ethers.

Shrikrishna W. Dhawale and Linda J. Alexander. Corrosion of Some Copper Alloys and Metals in Thiosulfate and Tetrathionate

Jeffrey S. Duffy and Ben Nassim. Pilot Studies Directed Toward
the Synthesis of Cucurbitanes-II Conversion of Hecogenine to
9, 11-Dehydro-12-deoxyhecogenine.

Deke T. Gundersen and Ben Nassim. Pilot Studies Directed Toward the Synthesis of Cucurbitanes-I Generation of a Diosphenol System in the A-Ring of Hecogenine.

Richard A. Kjonaas. Palladium Catalyzed ß-Arylation of Methyl
Vinyl Ketone with Thallated Aromatics.

Shannon G. Lieb and J.W. Bevan. Vibrational Predissociation of
Linear Hydrogen Bonded Complexes.

Robert J. Morris, Mark M. McDonald, John A. Mosbo and Bruce N. Storhoff. The Syntheses of Functionalized Aza Crown Ethers.

Lynn R. Sousa, Beth E. Beeson, Byungki Son, Stasia A. Barnell,
and Thomas E. Mabry. A Quest for Flashy Crowns: Crown
Ethers with Cation-enhanced Fluorescence.

Alan Spott and J.C. Huffman. The Construction of Space-filling Models from Crystallographic Data.

Kenneth L. Stevenson, Janet L. Braun, Rebecca A. Sparks and
Melinda A. Stevenson. Equilibria and Spectra of Iodo
Complexes of Copper (I) in Aqueous Solution.

Kimberly K. Strouse, Neil Anthony, John M. Brumfield, LeRoy A.
Kroll, John A. Mosbo and Bruce N. Storhoff. 15-Crown-5
Systems with Sidearms Containing Additional Functionalities.

Bert Thomas and Joe Kirsch. Variable Temperature NMR Studies
of the Association of Aliphatic Alcohols in Dilute Carbon
Tetrachloride Solutions.

Stephen R. Wassall, William Stillwell and Martel Zeldin. The Effects of Retinoids on Phospholipid Model Membrane
Phase Behavior.

Author Biography

Dennis G. Peters