• Mary Lee Richeson


Abstracts included:

Nancy Behforouz and Charlotte Wenger. Prophylactic Treatment of Balb/c Mice with Two Cyclosporines Enhances Resistance to L. tropica.

Young C. Chen and James A. Evanson. Interferon-induced Inhibition of Cell Transformation by RNA Tumor Virus.

Thomas A. Cole, Ross E. Marburger and Barry P. Bone. A
Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoretic Assay for Chitinase Using
a Substrate-included System.

J.B. Ellis, P. Eichman and C.E. Warnes. Enzyme Characterization
and Product Analysis of a Chitinase System of a Freshwater
Bacterial Isolate.

J.R. Garcia. S-Adenosylmethionine Synthetase and the
Morphogenesis of Mucor racemosus.

Deborah A. McMahan and Edwin M. Goebel. Isolation of Azospirillum Species from Indiana and Michigan Soils.

G.K. Podila, W.H. Flurkey and R.F. Bozarth. Comparison of Capsid Gene Products of Ustilago maydis Virus by in vitro Translation.

James L. Shellhaas. A Functional Comparison of Elicited Murine
Peritoneal Cells and Peripheral Blood Neutrophils.

Mark Wasserman, Scott Watkins, John Cunniff, K. Disser and S.
Surzycki. The Isolation of the Genes Encoding the Second
Largest Subunit of Human RNA Polymerase II.

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Microbiology and Molecular Biology