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J. D. Larsen and A. R. Schulz—Bovine Thyroid Glutamate

R. Shellenbarger and A. Bennett—Elongation and Desaturation
of Fatty Acids in Aspergillus niger

T. W. Keenan and D. J. Moore—Distribution and Characterization of Ganglioisdes in Mammary Gland and Milk

T. W. Keenan—Relationship of Long Chain Fatty Acids in
Sphingolipids to Membrane Stability

W. D. Klohs, C. W. Goff, and E. Beiser—Characterization of
Nucleoside Diphosphatase Relative to Cytochemical Studies

G. DeVillez and C. W. Goff—A Cytochemical Survey of Nucleoside Diphosphatase in Certain Plant and Animal Cells

C. T. Hammond and P. G. Mahlberg—Morphogenesis of Glandular Hairs of Cannabis sativa L. from Scanning Electron

L. P. Mahlberg—Histochemistry and Scanning Electron Micro-scopy of Starch Grains from Latex of Euphorbia terracina L.
and Euphorbia tirucalli L.

J. J. McGlVERN and K. S. Rai—A Radiation-Induced Paracentric
Inversion in Aedes aegypti (L.) I. Cytogenetics and Interchromosomal Effects

J. M. Schaeffer, J. H. Clark and E. J. Peck, Jr.—An Assay
for GABA Receptors of the Rat Cerebellum

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