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B. N. Storhoff and H. C. Lewis, Jr.—Thallium *I) Cyclopentadienide: A Useful Reagent for the Preparation of Thallium Derivatives

P. A. Wiseman and C. L. Renner—The Li-NH3 Reduction of
Trans-4-t-butylcyclohexyl Methanesulfonate and of 1-Deuterotrans-4-t-butylcyclohexyl Methanesulfonate

S. West, W. Nesbitt, and T. L. Kruger—Synthesis of -Ene Nitriles
as a First Step in the Synthesis of Bicylo Alkanes with a Bridgehead Nitrile

J. W. Kress, G. Sherwood and T. L. Kruger—The Mechanism of
the Cope Elimination

E. S. Wagoner—Determination of Dose-Related Excretion of
Ascorbic Acid

C. L. Huang and A. R. Schulz—The Effect of Hydrogen Ion
Concentration on the Kinetic Parameters of Thyroid Monoamine Oxidase

K. L. Bridges—Synthesis of Oxygen-18 from Enriched Water for
Use in Isotopic Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

F. K. Ault and B. N. Storhoff—Techniques for Preparing Video
Tapes for the Chemistry Classroom

M. L. Druelinger—Oxaziranes: Synthesis and Chemistry

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