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J. V. Gardner— Origins of Wedge-like Soil Structures: Marion
County, Indiana

M. C. Mocre and N. K. Bleuer—An Exposv a of Pre-Wisconsinan
Drift near Fort Wayne, Indiana

L. V. Miller and C. F. Foley—Major Constituents of Ash from
Five Indiana Coals

M. C. Carpenter and G. S. Austin—The Stratigraphy of the Clays
and Shales of Spencer County, Indiana

N. V. Weber—Drainage Patterns and Stream Classification in a
Neotectonic Region

D. H. Burner—The Influence of Cap Rock on the Development
of Slopes

R. N. Pheifer and D. L. Dilcher—A Study of the Floras in the
Alleghenian and Conemaughian Series in Sullivan County,

W. D. Brooks—Symbolization and Computer Mapping

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