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R. H. L. Howe—Comparison of the Newit-Dombrowski-Knelman
Equation and the Modified Howe's Equation for the Determi-nation of the Rising Velocity of Gas Bubble in a
Static Fluid

A. M. Guima and G. P. Thomas—A Study of the Angular
Distribution of Scattered Muons in Muon-Nucleon Interactions
at 15.8 GeV/c

G. C. Huant and R. M. Cosby—Lithium Precipitation in Elemental
Semiconductors Containing Disordered Regions

C. C. Sartain—Electronic Conduction in Amorphous Silicon

P. C. Norisez—The Use of Electrostatic Quadrupoles in Scanning
Electron Microscopy

J. Swez and J. B. Westgard—A Novel Video Sweep Circuit for a
Scanning Electron Microscope

J. P. Collins, R. L. Place and D. R. Ober—A Design for a
Plastic Scintillator—Ge(Li) Spectrometer for Obtaining Suppressed Spectra

D. A. Mitchell, D. W. Warn, G. E. Tomlinson and M. E.
Hults— Photographing the 10 July 1972 Total Solar Eclipse in
Nova Scotia

D. W. Warn, D. A. Mitchell and M. E. Hults—Photoelectric
Detection of Shadow Bands at the 10 July 1972 Solar

A. Barbee, C. Bibo, P. DiLavore, D. Emmons, C. R. Hanger, J.
Kelly, M. McCandless, D. Pitts, M. Pokorny and D.
Robinson—The I.S.U. Expedition to the Solar Eclipse of
July 10, 1972

T. Alvager and W. Frost—Cosmic Rays and Faster-than-light

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