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M. D. Malcolm—Earth Science for Elementary Teachers* 385
F. L. Bernhardt and R. L. Wright—An Evaluation of the ISCS

A. DeVito—An Integrated Science Program for Preservice Elementary School Teachers

D. W. Ball—Cognitive Development and Success in Science

N. G. Sprague—Charts Globes and Planetarium—Descriptive
Astronomy Instruction

T. E. Smith and F. K. Ault—Preparation and Evaluation of Programmed Instruction Materials on Acid-Base Theory

J. Frees, J. Boyle, S. Shimer and C. Boner—University-Public School Cooperative Science Enrichment Program: A Project Report

F. K. Ault and S. Ratcliff—Cassette Tapes as Tutors in Freshman Chemistry

L. Bruce—Are Indiana State University Freshman Students Operating at a Formal Level in Thought Processes?

H. M. Bratt, II—The Development, Instruction and Assessment of Affective Domain Objectives in Elementary Science Education

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