• John W. Munford


Abstracts included:

Mark Albrecht, William Stillwell and Stephen R. Wassall. Effects of Retinoids on Phospholipid Bilayers.

Shirley A. Bayer. Development of the Neostriatum in the Rat Brain.

Angela M. Burke and Pang Fai Ma. A Comparative Study of the Hamster Kidney Cell Line BHK-21 (C-13) and Normal Hamster Kidney Tissues.

E.A.G. Chernoff. Adhesion and Expansion of Epithelial Cell Sheets.

Thomas A. Cole, Willis H. Johnson and Ruchir Sehra. Identification of Members of Species-groups of Genus Paramecium with Fluorescent, DNA-binding Dyes.

David M. Gibson, Steven J. Miller and Ted Goodson, III. Degradation of Liver HMGCoA Reductase in Vitro.

A. Gubitosi and R.J. Stark. Effects of Extracellular Sodium and Calcium on Acetylcholine Induced Hyperpolarizations in Mouse Parotid Cells.

Michael I. Lee, Scott A. Smith and Alice S. Bennett. Influence of Dietary Fatty Acids on Murine Mammary Cell Types.

Michael S. Maloney and Jeannette L. Daniel. Con A Binding Sites in the Ciliate Stentor coeruleus Are Located in the Membranellar and Somatic Cilia.

John W. Munford and Joseph E. Trumpey. Diabetes-induced Decrease in Sodium Pump Activity in Rat Soleus Muscle.

Bruce Pickelheimer and Richard S. Manalis. Effect of Caffeine on Contractility of Frog Skeletal Muscle.

Danny Lee Roberson and Richard S. Manalis. Neurotransmitter Release Simulation.

Patricia R. Walsh and Michael S. Maloney. Calmodulin Antagonists Inhibit Oral Regeneration in the Ciliate Stentor coeruleus.

Stephen P. Zimmer and Joan E. Lafuze. Serum Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Changes in Rabbits Following Neutrophil Activation in vivo.

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