• Mohammad Behforouz


Abstracts included:

John Bain, Vida Farazi and Bruce N. Storhoff. Functionalized Crown Ethers: Benzo Crowns with P(III) Centers.

Mohammad Behforouz, Hamideh Zarrinmayeh and Mark A. Horn. Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Lavendamycin Methyl Ester, an Antitumor Antibiotic Agent.

Kenneth L. Busch. Applications of Chromotography/Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry.

Cheryl A. Bye and James P. Rybarczyk. Atomic Spectroscopic and Neutron Activation Analyses of Trace Heavy Metals in Water Supplies Surrounding a Municipal Landfill.

S.W. Dhawale. Interaction of Some Metals and Tetrathionate Ions.

Vida Farazi, M. Brian Arnold and Bruce N. Storhoff. The Preparation of Functionalized Aza Crown Ethers.

Susan J. Ganion, Paul L. Bock and Lynn R. Sousa. Potassium Ion Induced Enhancement of Crown Fluorescence by Displacement of a Complexed Quencher.

Mary E. Huss, Jerome I. Kaplan, Stephen R. Wassall and William Stillwell. Electron Spin Resonance of Membranes.

Richard A. Kjonaas and Douglas Sanquenetti. Reactions of Lithium Triorganozincates with Acid Halides.

Terry L. Kruger, Timothy T. Curran and Mohammad Behforouz. Electron Impact Mass Spectrometry of ß-Alkylhydrocinnamate Methyl Esters.

David L. McCollum and Paul L. Bock. Validation of a Test to Identify Erythro and Threo Diastereomers of RCHDCHDX Compounds: Variable-temperature NMR Studies of 2-Chloroethanol.

Pang Fai Ma and Jeffrey T. Starkey. A Study of Adenosine Deaminase and Its Conversion Factor in Normal and Pathological Human Serum.

Thomas E. Mabry, C. David Whitesell and Lynn R. Sousa. A Search for a Flashier Crown: Synthesis of a Crown Ether with Potassium Ion Enhanced Fluorescence.

John Sharkitt, Gregory A. Stephenson and James P. Rybarczyk. Three-dimensional Profiling of Matrix-interferences in the ICP.

Kay Stephens, Suzy Pope, Eric R. Johnson and Terry L. Kruger. The Use of Pyridine to Quench the Dansylation of Amino Acids.

Kimberly K. Strouse and Abbas Pezeshk. Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Metal Complexes of Antidiabetic Drugs.

Stephen C. Swinney and Abbas Pezeshk. Spectroscopic Studies of Spin-labeled Tetracycline Metal Complexes.

Atilla Tuncay and Robert M. Moriarty. Reactions of Phenyl (ß-N-benzenesulfonyl indolyl) Iodonium Chloride with Soft Anions.

William E. White and Eugene S. Wagner. The Mechanism of L-Ascorbic Acid Entrapment in Human Erythrocytes.

Author Biography

Mohammad Behforouz