• George R. Parker


Abstracts included:

Charles L. Baube. Mechanisms of Reproductive Isolation in Two Sympatric Stickleback Species.

James W. Berry. Notes on the Life History of the Intertidal Spider Paratheuma insulana (Araneae; Desidae).

Spencer A. Cortwright. Bimodal Size Distributions of Even-aged Populations: Their Origins and Effects on Community Structure in Larval Salamanders.

L.D. Farlee and B.C. Fischer. Early Root Development of Planted Red Oak Seedlings in Clearcut Forest Openings.

Angel V. Gochee and Richard L. Whitman. Aquatic Invertebrates and Phytoplankton of Miller Woods Ponds, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Marion T. Jackson and D. Brian Abrell. Two Decades of Change in the Forest Structure of Virgin Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) D. Don (Endl.) in Stout Grove, Del Norte County, California.

Jane F. Koska. Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in Two Species of Toad.

Mark S. McClain. Ginn Woods: An Undisturbed Virgin Forest in East-central Indiana.

Thomas S. McComish. Microcosm Acid Rain Experiments with Water from Oriole Pond, Perry County, Indiana.

Craig E. Nelson, Scott J. Barton and David F. Parkhurst. More on: Do Tadpoles Die for Their Siblings?

Gustavo A. Romero. Pollination, Nutrient and Energy-limited Female Reproductive Success in Catasetum ochraceum Lindl. (Orchidaceae).

Paul E. Rothrock. Aspects of the Biology of Carex woodii Dew. (Cyperaceae)

W.J. Rowland. Aggression versus Courtship in Sticklebacks: The Role of Habituation.

William J. Shepherd and Stephen A. Perrill. Analysis of Playback-record Responses in the Male Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans.

Paul T. Sherwood and George R. Parker. Disturbance Effects in Oak Dominated Forests of Central Indiana.

Edwin R. Squiers and Leonard H. Robbins. The Relationship between Weed Community Development and Tillage Type in Grant County, Indiana.

Rod Walton. The Assessment of Interactions among Ovipositing Goldenrod Gall Flies, Eurosta solidaginis, Fitch.

Jeffrey S. Ward and George R. Parker. Gap Structure in a Mature Till Plain Forest.

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George R. Parker