• Peter Hippensteel


Abstracts included:

Greg R. Bright. Background Levels of Potential Toxicants in Indiana Stream and Lake Sediments.

Peter A. Hippensteel. The Water Quality of Northeastern Indiana Lake Inflows.

Russell Holland and Deborah D. Ross. Enhancement of Phenol Biodegradation by Soil Inoculation.

Robert A. Pribush, Patricia S. Muir, Bradley H. Carter, Michael J.
Stevenson and Kimberly A. Wade. Creation of an Urban Acid Deposition Database.

Robert A. Pribush and Michael J. Stevenson. A Computer Raindrop Model Used to Predict the Equilibrium of pH of Rainfall over Indianapolis.

Deborah D. Ross. Impact of Heavy Metal Pollution on Sediment Bacteria in the Maumee River.

Jerome Rud, Harold BonHomme, Greg Bright, Neil Parke and James Stahl— Results of Surface Water Investigations of the Grand Calumet River/Indiana Harbor Canal Basin.

J.E. Simon, M. Simini, R. Grant, B. McFee and D. Reinert. Air Quality Monitoring in Southwest Indiana During the 1986 Growing Season.

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Peter Hippensteel
Environmental Quality