• Ronald L. Richards


Abstracts included:

Claude D. Baker. A Pigmented Northern Blindfish, Amblyopsis spelaea, and Notes on Pigmentation in Amblyopsid Cavefishes.

Amy K. Berndtson and Frederick W. Goetz. Proteolytic Enzymes in Brook Trout and Goldfish Follicles during Final Maturation and Ovulation.

David L. Brand and Pang F. Ma. A Study of Adenosine Deaminase in the Fruit Fly, Drosophila melanogaster.

Priscilla Costello. Studies of Ecology, Ectoparasites, and Other Associates of the Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene Carolina.

David L. Daniell. Histopathology of Experimental Dendritobilharzia pulverulenta Infections in Avian Hosts.

Grayson S. Davis. Improved Analysis of Physical Forces and Tissue Rheology in Amphibian Gastrulation.

Larry R. Ganion and Mary E. Mohr. Localization of Acetylcholine Binding Sites in Prepubertal Mouse Ovaries.

Frederick W. Goetz, F.P. Binkowski, P.D. Lorsch and S.E. Yeo.
Sterilization of Chinook Salmon, O. tshawytascha, Fry by 17α- methyltestosterone.

Ronald L. Helms. Habitat and Food Interrelationships of Shrews in West Central Vigo County.

Mohinder S. Jarial and Margaret W. Egar. Ultrastructural Changes in the Proximal Tubule of the Axolotl.

Scott A. Leatherland and Thomas H. Cervone. Winter Fishes in Bayou Creek Drainage.

Charissa M. Urbano and Sidney L. Beck. Coteratogenesis of Caffeine and Acetazolamide in Mice.

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Ronald L. Richards