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R. L. Powell— Coal Mine Subsidence Problems in Indiana

P. M. Caserotti and G. Marland— Impact of Coal Mine-Waste
Runoff on a Small Stream

C. E. Wier—Fossil Fuels and the Energy Crisis in Indiana

N. Z. Boctor and G. Kullerud—The Mineralogy and Geochemistry
of Mercury Ore from the Senator Mine, Nevada, in the Light
of Experimental Studies

W. W. Davis—Formation of Silicious Stones : Agate

J. B. Patton—Masonry Materials in Historic Indiana Structures

T. Gognat and S. S. Shimer—What God and Man Have Wrought

A. J. Rudman, M. E. Biggs, R. F. Blakely and J. F. Whaley—Preliminary Study of Interrelationships of Resistivity and Velocity
in Indiana Lithologies

G. J. Shea—Should Indiana be Prepared for a Shock?

W. J. Wayne—Multiple Tills at Wabash, Indiana

H. Collins and L. A. Brown—Fracture Analysis of the Kentland,
Indiana, Disturbance

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