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Stanley S. Shimer—Common Problems in the Development of
Carrel Learning Packets

Marshall D. Malcolm—Environmental Field Day

Claire A. Puchy and Gary W. Barrett—Environmental Science:
A New Direction in Science Education

John A. Ricketts—The Lecture Demonstration: A Neglected Audio-Visual Aid

Larry R. Yoder and James T. Addis—Let's Put "Audio" into Audio-Tutorial Teaching

Jon R. Hendrix, Thomas R. Mertens, and Jerry J. Nisbet— Enhancing Science Education Accountability: A Model for University Secondary School Corporation

Harold H. Jaus and Gerald Krockover—Fostering Communication
and Attitudinal Development in Science Between Elementary
and Secondary Teachers and Administrators

Robert F. Caudell—Does the Participation in a Science Methods
Course Change the Attitudes of a Pre-Service Elementary
Teacher Toward Science Teaching?

H. Marvin Bratt—Can Your Attitude Toward Elementary Science
Instruction Change?

Kenneth L. Potts and Jerry M. Colglazier—The Evaluation of
Implementation and Support Procedures in Selected Indiana
Corporations that Adopted Either SCIS, SAPA, or ESS Elementary Science Programs

H. James Funk and Neil V. Weber—Total Environmental Educa-tion: Getting Environmental Education into Indiana Class-rooms

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