Vol 36 (1926)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committes, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


Clarence Abiathar Waldo PDF
Stanley Coulter 29-32
Robert Wesley McBride PDF
W. S. Blatchley 33-36
Charles Marquis Smith PDF
W. H. Bair 37-38


President's Address—The Unselfish Service of Science PDF
W. M. Blanchard 39-52
The Status of Science Education PDF
James F. Mackell 53-58
Teaching Conservation in Indiana PDF
Sidney R. Esten 59-62

Papers on Geology, Geography, and Archaeology

Notes on the So-called "Synthetic Aqua Marine" PDF
Frank B. Wade 63-64
Some Features of the Cincinnati Arch as shown by Geological Conditions in an Indiana Gas Field PDF
William N. Logan 65-70
The Silurian Coral Reefs of Northern Indiana and their Associated Strata PDF
E. R. Cumings, R. R. Shrock 71-86
Notes on the Present Status of Waterway Development in the United States PDF
J. E. Switzer 87-92
Indiana's Ability to Support Liberally Higher Education Analyzed and Compared with that of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Ohio PDF
Stephen S. Visher 93-102
Bell Creek—Fall Creek Valley PDF
Annice Carter, Louise Painter 103-106
Porter's Cave and Recent Drainage Adjustments in its Vicinity PDF
Arch R. Addington 107-116
Notes on Areal Geology of Miami County, Indiana PDF
W. E. Tharp 117-118
Fossils from the Mancos-Dakota-Tununk Formation in the Vicinity of Steamboat, Arizona PDF
Albert B. Reagan 119-128
Proper Motion of Weisse XXIII 175 PDF
W. A. Cogshall 129-130

Papers on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

A New Type of Sound Amplifying Horn PDF
Arthur L. Foley 131-133
The Effect of a Dissolving Salt on the Pitch of a Vessel Partially Filled with Water PDF
Arthur L. Foley 134
Measurement of Condenser and Coil Resistance by the Differential Thermometer Method PDF
R. R. Ramsey 135-138
A Straight Line Frequency Audio Oscillator PDF
R. R. Ramsey 139-144
Calibration of Ammeters at Radio Frequencies PDF
Herbert Hazel 145-162
Bibliography of Literature Bearing on the Light-Sensitiveness of Selenium PDF
R. Earl Martin 163-182
Notes on Qualitative Analysis PDF
Ralph W. Hufferd 183
An Indestructible Steam-Bath PDF
Ralph W. Hufferd 184
Toxicity of Colloidal Arsenic to Plants PDF
R. H. Carr 185-188
An Improved Test for Acetone in Urine PDF
R. E. Lyons, J. T. Brundage 189-194
A Study of the Available Methods for the Determination of Selenium in Organic Compounds PDF
W. E. Bradt, R. E. Lyons 195-202
A Qualitative Study of the Catalytic Hydrogenation of the Oxides of Carbon PDF
V. N. Morris, L. H. Reyerson 203-206
Some Theoretical Discussions of Hypnotics PDF
Thomas C. Jaleski 207-208
Mathematics and the Other Sciences PDF
Will E. Edington 209-212

Papers on Botany and Bacteriology

Enumeration of the Vascular Flora of Jasper County, Indiana PDF
Winona H. Welch 213-220
Vaucheria aversa PDF
F. M. Andrews 221-222
A List of Algae of Monroe County, Indiana-II PDF
F. M. Andrews 223-224
Reversion in Trillium PDF
F. M. Andrews 225-226
Lycopodium complanatum PDF
F. M. Andrews 227-228
On the Continued Growth of Certain Fern Prothallia PDF
David M. Mottier 229
On the Occurrence of an Endophytic Fungus in the Prothallia of Osmunda Claytoniana L PDF
David M. Mottier 229-230
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1925 PDF
Max M. Gardner 231-248
The Seeding Habits of White Snakeroot, Eupatorium urticaefolium Reichard PDF
Albert A. Hansen 249
Recent Indiana Weeds, 1926 PDF
Albert A. Hansen 250-252
A Botrytis Disease of Ribes odorata Wendl. PDF
J. M. Van Hook 253-256
Amorphophalus titanum PDF
T. G. Yuncker 257-258
Additions to a Bibliography of the Genus Cuscuta PDF
T. G. Yuncker 259-262
Survey of the Vegetation in the Vicinity of Cement Mills PDF
C. L. Porter 263-268
Airplane Photography and Ecological Mapping PDF
Stanley A. Cain 269-272
Photomicrography as an Aid to Teaching and Research in Biology PDF
Edwin J. Kohl 273-278
A Fungus Growing in "Mineral Oil" PDF
Robert Hessler 279-280

Papers on Zoology and Entomology

Symptoms as Indicators PDF
Robert Hessler 281-286
Records of Indiana Dragonflies—II PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 287-292
Insects of Indiana for 1926 PDF
J. J. Davis 293-308
Some Habits of Limax maximus L. (?) PDF
Clem O. Thompson 309-310
Raising Fleas for Laboratory Purposes PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh 311-312
Agglutinin Production: Frequency of Injections Constant, Dosage and Total Amount Injected Varied PDF
Charles A. Behrens 313-316
Formation of the Intranuclear Rod in Succinea PDF
C. P. Hickman 317-318
Two Years Bird-Banding at West Lafayette, Indiana PDF
Louis Agassiz Test 319-322
Notes on Some Birds of Anderson, Indiana PDF
Charles Piper Smith 323-326
Some Results of A Bird Census PDF
Will Scott 327-330
Gynandromorphic Earwigs PDF
W. P. Morgan 331
A Note on the Mode of Distribution of Earwigs PDF
W. P. Morgan 332-334
Hog Lung-Worms: Correction of Previous Papers PDF
George Zebrowski 335-336
Notes on Amphibians and Reptiles PDF
George S. Myers 337-340
Some Sources of Ornithological Material and What They Tell PDF
Amos W. Butler 341-344

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Members, Index PDF