Vol 37 (1927)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


Theodore Henry Allebach PDF
M. G. Mellon 27-28
William Franklin Baker PDF
Karl R. Thompson 29
Elias J. Chansler PDF
Wm. R. Chansler 30
Glenn Culbertson PDF
Wm. A. Millis 31-32
Charles Redway Dryer PDF
L. J. Rettger 33-34
Carl H. Eigenmann PDF
Fernandus Payne 35-46
Charles Wesley Hargitt PDF
Andrew J. Bigney 47-52
Claude H. Harshbarger PDF
Paul Weatherwax 53-54

President's Address

President's Address—More Scientific Education; Less Educational Measurement PDF
Frank B. Wade 55-58


New Harmony PDF
David Starr Jordan, Amos W. Butler 59-62
Aerial Photography for Indiana PDF
T. M. Bushnell 63-72
Perverted Benevolence as an Influence upon Racial Development PDF
Gerard Fowke 73-80
A Plea for John R. Kissinger PDF
R. A. Gantz 81-82
Making Bibliographies More Useful PDF
M. G. Mellon 83-86
Nature Guiding at Turkey Run State Park PDF
Sidney R. Esten 87-89

Papers on Geology, Geography, and Archaeology

Copper Nugget Found at Turkey Run PDF
Sidney R. Esten 90
Theory of Thunderstorms PDF
Daniel Hull 91-92
The Distribution of Precipitation in Relation to the Mississippi Basin Flood of 1927 PDF
J. E. Switzer 93-100
Geography of Indiana Agriculture PDF
S. S. Visher 101-116
Further Observations of the Erosion of Clifty and Butler Ravines, Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
J. Archer Culbertson 117-119
Notes on Some Ohio River Terraces PDF
J. Archer Culbertson 120-124
Some Interesting Physiographic Features of the Upper Wabash Drainage Basin in Indiana PDF
Robert R. Shrock 125-140
Physiography of the Kankakee Region PDF
T. M. Bushnell 141-142
The Litten Natural Bridges and Closely Associated Phenomena, Eastern Owen County, Indiana PDF
Arch R. Addington 143-152
An Analysis of Erosion PDF
Clyde A. Malott 153-164
Archeological Investigations in Greene County PDF
W. N. Logan 165-174

Papers on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

A Method of Studying the Form and Intensity of an Explosive Sound Wave PDF
Darrell B. Green 175-178
Some Atmospheric Electric Potential-Gradient Measurements at High Altitude PDF
J. F. Mackell 179-184
Induction and Radiation PDF
R. R. Ramsey 185-196
Mechanism of a Condensed Spark Discharge PDF
Harvey A. Zinszer 197-204
Velocity of Sound in Free Air PDF
Arthur L. Foley 205-208
Thermal Conductivity of Condensing Vapor Films PDF
Herman A. Wenzke 209-214
The Calibration of Radio Frequency Galvanometers and MilliAmmeters PDF
J. B. Hershman 215-218
Three Electrodes Vacuum Tube Oscillator, a Special Case of Parallel Resonance PDF
Eung Tyun Cho 219-222
Energy Losses in Railroad Track Hammers PDF
Edwin Morrison 223-224
Scattering of Light by Small Particles PDF
Edwin Morrison 225-226
Some Observations of the Properties of Certain So-Called Thermal Insulators PDF
John B. Dutcher 227-232
Some Properties of Pin Hole Sound Probes PDF
James E. Brock 233-238
A Calorimetric Determination of Core Losses in High Frequency Transformers PDF
B. A. Howlett 239
A Magnetic Method for the Determination of the Elastic Limit of Iron and Steel PDF
B. A. Howlett 240-244
The Role of Valence and Electrons in the Teaching of General Chemistry PDF
W. M. Blanchard 245-254
The Analysis of Electrolytically Deposited Lead Peroxide by the Method of Lux PDF
M. G. Mellon, W. F. Reed, H. L. Wilkins 255-258
Food Fakes and Fancies PDF
R. H. Carr 259-262
An Efficient Stirrer for Gas Absorption PDF
A. F. Benning 263-264
Case-Carburization in Presence of Ferrosilicon PDF
R. C. Spencer, E. G. Mahin 265-268
Colloidal Arsenic Trioxide in the Arsenic Determination PDF
E. G. Mahin, A. F. Doyle 269-271
The Diffusion of Hydrogen in Iron PDF
E. G. Mahin 272-276
Notes on the Lines of Force in a Plane Electrostatic Field Containing Two Charges PDF
C. K. Robbins 277-278
The Aurora Borealis PDF
Elmer A. Smith 279-282
The Validity and Interpretation of Mathematical Formulas PDF
Will E. Edington 283-286
Two New Navigation Instruments PDF
W. A. Cogshall 287-292

Papers on Bacteriology, Physiology and Hygiene

Agglutinin Production: Total Amount Injected Varied, Dosage and Frequency of Injections Constant PDF
Charles A. Behrens 293-296
Preservation of Isohemagglutinating Serum with Phenolized Glycerol PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon Jr. 297-298
Antaeus—Contact with the Soil PDF
Robert Hessler 299-308
The Longevity and Swimming Ability of Spermatozoa PDF
Benj. H. Grave, Ralph C. Downing 309-310
A Study of Schoolroom Ventilation, Involving a Comparison of Two Types of Heating and Ventilating Plants PDF
R. A. Gantz, Harriet Thornhill Phypers 311-316

Papers on Botany

Notes on the Technique of Plant Mounting PDF
J. A. Nieuwland, Arthur Slavin 317-318
Recent Indiana Weeds, 1927 PDF
Albert A. Hansen 319-320
Plants New or Rare in Indiana— XIV PDF
Chas. C. Deam 321-324
Monstrosities in Trillium PDF
F. M. Andrews 325
Modified Narcissus Flowers PDF
F. M. Andrews 326
Deposition of Material by Water Plants PDF
F. M. Andrews 327-328
A Study of Lichens PDF
F. M. Andrews 329
Some Flowering Plants of Monroe County, Indiana PDF
F. M. Andrews 330-334
Observations on the Teratology of the Genus Cuscuta PDF
T. G. Yuncker 335-338
Holdfast Cells in Spirogyra PDF
Fredda Doris Reed 339-340
Plant Diseases in a Home Garden PDF
E. B. Mains 341-354
Observations Concerning Clover Diseases PDF
E. B. Mains 355-364
Indiana Fungi— X PDF
J. M. Van Hook 365-372
Structure of Some Carboniferous Plants from Illinois PDF
J. Hobart Hoskins 373-376
The Ferns of Turkey Run PDF
Otto Behrens Jr. 377-380
New Yellows Resistant Varieties of Cabbage in Indiana PDF
C. T. Gregory 381
Controlling Tomato Leaf Mold in Greenhouses in Indiana PDF
C. T. Gregory 382-384
Excess Soluble Salts as the Cause of Vegetable Diseases in Greenhouses PDF
S. D. Conner, C. T. Gregory 385-390
Ecological Relationships of Fungi and Cultures PDF
C. L. Porter 391-394
Hydrogen Ion Studies of Water, Peat, and Soil, in Relation to Ecological Problems at Bacon's Swamp, Marion County, Indiana PDF
Stanley A. Cain 395-402
The Bog Clearweed, Adicea fontana Lunell, in Indiana PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon Jr. 403-404
The Relation of Lime to the Absorption of Iron by Plants PDF
William P. Allyn 405-410
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1926 PDF
Max W. Gardner 411-426
Mycorrhiza Bearing Species in the Vicinity of Lafayette, Indiana PDF
K. D. Doak 427-440

Papers on Zoology and Entomology

Records of Blueberry Insects in Indiana PDF
K. D. Doak 441-444
Insects of Indiana for 1927 PDF
J. J. Davis 445-460
Notes on Birds of Lake Maxinkuckee Region PDF
Samuel E. Perkins III 461-466
Summer Resident Birds of Turkey Run State Park PDF
Frederick H. Test 467-472
The Occurrence of the Starling at West Lafayette, Indiana PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, Frederick H. Test 473-474
The Starling in Madison County, Indiana PDF
Louise S. Swain 475-478
The European Starling in Indiana PDF
Amos W. Butler 479-480
Some Interesting Indiana Bird Records PDF
Amos W. Butler 481-488
Nesting of the Sycamore Warbler PDF
Amos W. Butler 489-490
A List of Reptiles and Amphibians Taken in Marion County, Indiana, in 1924-1927 PDF
Stewart Springer 491-492

Back Matter

List of Members PDF