Vol 38 (1928)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


Edgar K. Chapman PDF
R. R. Ramsey 20-21
Joseph N. Donahue PDF
J. A. Nieuwland 22
Richard A. Gantz PDF
Fred J. Breeze 22
W. F. N. Goss PDF
Stanley Coulter 23-28
Louis F. Heimlich PDF
Fred Kaufmann, Edwin J. Kohl, C. L. Porter 29-30
Frank Senour PDF
E. R. Cumings 31
Joseph Swain PDF
John A. Miller 32-33
Emerson B. Wright PDF
C. F. Cox 34
Frank C. Wagner PDF
John White 35-37

President's Address

President's Address—Metals and the Microscope PDF
E. G. Mahin 38-64

Papers on Botany

A Contribution to the Phytoecology of Southern Indiana with Special Reference to Certain Ericaceae in a Limestone Area of the Bloomington Quadrangle PDF
Winona H. Welch 65-84
Bark Formation PDF
F. M. Andrews 85
Variations in Erigeron Annuus PDF
F. M. Andrews 86
A Natural Proof That the Root Tip Alone is Sensitive to the Gravitational Stimulus—II PDF
F. M. Andrews 87-88
Studies on Pollen— IV PDF
F. M. Andrews 89-92
Observations Concerning Diseases of Iris and Tulips PDF
E. B. Mains 93-102
Preservation of Monotropa and Similar Plants without Discoloration PDF
J. A. Nieuwland, A. D. Slavin 103-104
Peridia of Crucibulum vulgare PDF
Lewis B. Lockwood 105-108
Algae of Indiana—A Classified Check List of Those Published Between 1875 and 1928 PDF
C. Mervin Palmer 109-122
Tufa Deposits at Clifty Falls State Park PDF
Rexford F. Daubenmire 123-126
Indiana Fungi—XI PDF
J. M. VanHook 127-130
Some New Species of Fungi PDF ()
J. M. VanHook 131-132
Concerning the Reaction of Certain Fungi to Various Wave Lengths of Light PDF
C. L. Porter, H. W. Bockstahler 133-136
The Pericycle in the Root of Equisetum PDF
Marion A. Johnson 137-138
Sodium Chlorate as a Herbicide PDF
Albert A. Hansen 139-142
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1927 PDF
Max W. Gardner 143-158
Studies of Tomato Quality—IV: Variability in Quality and Food Value of Tomatoes PDF
John H. MacGillivray 159-164
The Ecology of Turkey Run State Park; Part I— The Flood Plain PDF
Caroline H. Swanson 165-170

Papers on Chemistry and Bacteriology

Mileage Obtained From Some Commercial Gasolines PDF
Edwin M. Bruce 171-174
Preparation of "Active" Magnesium Carbonate From Magnesite PDF
F. C. Mathers, W. V. Eagleson 175-182
Comparison of Rust Protection of Iron by Zinc, by Cadmium, and by Zinc-Copper Alloys and the Electrodeposition of such Alloys PDF
F. C. Mathers, R. L. Hardy 183-186
Esterification in the Presence of Anhydrous Salts PDF
F. M. Whitacre, H. T. Briscoe 187-194
The Formula of Ethylide Glycerol PDF
J. A. Nieuwland, W. L. Foohey 195
Cuprous Chloride as a Catalyst for Acetylene PDF
J. A. Nieuwland, W. L. Foohey 196
The Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol by the Three Isomeric Nitrochlorbenzenes PDF
Robert E. Lyons, Guido H. Stempel Jr. 197-200

Papers on Geology and Geography

Three Cavern Pictures PDF
Clyde A. Malott 201-206
The History of the "Hoodoos" near Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming PDF
Allen D. Hole 207-216
Contrasts Among Indiana Counties in Their Yield of Prominent Persons PDF
Stephen S. Visher 217-224
Some Features of the Upper Surface of the Trenton Limestone in Indiana PDF
William N. Logan 225-230
Fibrous Marcasite in Crystalline Calcite near Logansport PDF
E. R. Smith, R. A. Schroeder 231-232
Stratigraphic Units of the Harrodsburg Limestone PDF
Paris B. Stockdale 233-242
A Striking Case of Differential Erosion PDF
Fred J. Breeze 243-244
Geological Information From the Monroe and Lawrence County Soil Maps PDF
T. M. Bushnell 245-246
Special Topographic Features and the Physiographic Background of the Bloomington (Indiana) Quadrangle PDF ()
Arch R. Addington 247-262

Papers on Physics and Mathematics

Lightning, Natural and Artificial PDF
Harvey A. Zinszer 263-268
The Thermionic Voltmeter as Applied to High Frequency Measurements PDF
J. B. Hershman 269-274
The Effect of Variations of the Force Fimction Upon Orbits of Least Action PDF
Oliver E. Glenn 275-278
A Helical Brass Spring with Constant Pitch Angle PDF
R. B. Abbott 279-280
Polarization of Radio Waves PDF ()
R. R. Ramsey, J. J. Brady 281-286
Photography of Sound Waves PDF
D. L. Eaton 287-294
A Convenient Method of Showing Anomalous Dispersion PDF
A. W. Dicus 295-296

Papers on Zoology

Some Internal Parasites of Poultry PDF
Otho J. Price 297-298
Insects of Indiana for 1928 PDF ()
J. J. Davis 299-314
The Water Mites of Lake Wawasee PDF
Ruth Marshall 315-320
The Chuck-Wills-Widow in Indiana PDF
Amos W. Butler 321-322
Comparative Results of Bird Banding in a Large City and a Small Town PDF
F. C. Test, L. A. Test 323-328
Additional Notes on Summer Birds of Turkey Run State Park PDF
F. H. Test 329-332
A Preliminary Report on Lernaea, a Copepod Parasitic on the Goldfish PDF
H. E. Enders, S. A. Rifenburgh 333-334
Records of Indiana Dragonflies— III, 1927-1928 PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 335-344

Back Matter

List of Members PDF