Vol 39 (1929)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


George William Albertson PDF
R. G. Smith 23
Andrew Johnson Bigney PDF
Charles E. Torbett 23-25
John Merle Coulter PDF
H. C. Cowles 26-29
John Candee Dean PDF
Russell Sullivan 30-33
John Sterling Kingsley PDF
Fernandus Payne 34
Robert Ridgway PDF
Amos W. Butler 34-35
A Cairn of Remembrance PDF
Fred J. Breeze 36-38


History and Results of Nature Guiding in Indiana State Parks PDF
Sidney R. Esten 39-42

President's Address

President's Address—The Outlook in Physiology PDF
L. J. Rettger 43-52

Papers on Botany

A Note on the Hybridizing of Freesias PDF
W. P. Morgan 53-56
Algae of Monroe County, Indiana, III PDF
F. M. Andrews 57
Studies in Pollen, V PDF
F. M. Andrews 58
A Pressure Cell PDF
F. M. Andrews 59-62
Observations on the Dwarf Mistletoe, Arceuthobium pusillum PDF
T. G. Yuncker 63-66
Forest and Prairie of Benton County, Indiana PDF
Winona H. Welch 67-72
A Wild Flower Sanctuary on the Tippecanoe PDF
Fred G. Breeze 73-74
Indiana Fungi, XII PDF
J. M. Van Hook 75-84
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1928 PDF
Max W. Gardner, E. B. Mains 85-100
Scab of Small Grains and Feeding Trouble in Indiana in 1928 PDF
E. B. Mains, C. M. V, P. B. Curtis 101-110
Hydrogen-ion Reaction of Native Indiana Fern Soils PDF
J. R. Craw 111-114
Pteridophytes of Turkey Run State Park PDF
Frederick H. Test 115-118
A Simple Respirometer for Quantitative Class Experiments PDF
Raymond E. Girton 119-122
Plants New or Rare in Indiana, XV. PDF
Chas. C. Deam 123-126
Enumeration of the Vascular Flora of a Limestone Area of the Bloomington Quadrangle, Monroe County, Indiana PDF
Gladys Price, Winona H. Welch 127-132
Some Flowering Plants Collected in Parke County, Indiana: PDF
Rexford F. Daubenmire 133-134
New Parasitic Fungi of Montgomery County PDF
H. J. Lee 135-136

Papers on Chemistry and Bacteriology

The Decomposition of Cellulose in Nature PDF
P. A. Tetraull 137-152
A Comparison of Halogeno and Oxyacids PDF
J. A. Nieuwland, T. H. Vaughn 153-154
Stability of Barium Sulphate at High Temperatures PDF
E. G. Mahin, Bro. Kilian 155-156
Pond Water Composition and Mosquitoes PDF
C. H. Carr 157-158
Concerning Certain Pyridine Homologs PDF
Jacob W. H. Aldred, Robert E. Lyons 159-164
Organic Compounds of Selenium, I. and II. PDF
W. E. Bradt, M. Van Valkenburgh 165-182

Papers on Geology and Geography

Two Fort Wayne Wells in the Silurian and Their Bearing on the Niagran of the Michigan Basin PDF
E. R. Cumings 183-198
Silurian Reefs Near Tiffin, Carey and Marseilles, Ohio PDF
E. R. Cumings 199-203
List of Species from the New Corydon, Kokomo and Kenneth Formations of Indiana and from Reefs in the Mississinewa and Liston Creek Formations PDF
E. R. Cumings 204-212
Intraformational Solution of the Floyds Knob Limestone PDF
Paris B. Stockdale 213-220
Notes on Some Northwestern Indiana Rock Exposures PDF
Robert R. Shrock, Clyde A. Malott 221-228
Aerial Photographs of Jennings County PDF
T. M. Bushnell 229-230
The Relation of Geologic Structures in Indiana to the Isomagnetic Lines of Vertical Intensity and to the Anomalies of Magnetic Intensity PDF
W. N. Logan 231-236
Notes on the Unearthing of a Mastodon Skeleton PDF
Edward Kintner 237-240

Papers on Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics

The Product of Two Integrals PDF
Will E. Edington 241-242
Astronomical Interpretations of a Formula in the Theory of Integral Invariants PDF
O. E. Glenn 243-246
Photography of the 1929 Eclipse with a New Type Reflector: PDF
W. A. Cogshall 247-248
Ionization and Thermal E. M. F. in Selenium Vapor PDF
W. T. Sproull, R. E. Martin 249-256
The Electrical Conductivity of the Atmosphere at Terre Haute, Indiana PDF
Ira W. Vance, J. F. Mackell 257-262
Mistaken Ideas Concerning Sound Absorbers PDF
A. L. Foley 263-268
A New, Efficient and Economical Type of Sound Absorbing Material and a Simple and Inexpensive Method of Installation PDF
A. L. Foley 269-274
Output Characteristics of Magnetic Pickups PDF
J. B. Hershman 275-278
Resistance of Radio Condensers PDF
R. R. Ramsey 279-284
High Frequency Rays in the Aurora Borealis and High Altitude Tests on Mt. Everest PDF
E. A. Smith 285-290

Papers on Zoology

Insects of Indiana for 1929 PDF
J. J. Davis 291-304
The Digestion of a Mouse by a Tarantula PDF
John S. Andrews 305-306
Some Structural Peculiarities of Stenobothrium macrobothrium, Diesing PDF
Francis J. Wenninger 307-308
Records of Indiana Dragonflies, IV., 1929 PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 309-314

Back Matter

Members, Index PDF