Vol 40 (1930)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


Grace Barkley PDF
T. G. Yuncker 21-22
Emiel DeWulf PDF
Reprint, Notre Dame Scholastic 22-23
Alma Marie Bell Haas PDF
Flora A. Haas 23-24
Oliver P. Hay PDF
W. P. Hay 24-30
David Allen Owen PDF
Melvin E. Crowell. E. Crowell 30-31
Brother Alphonsus (Paul Sweet) PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 31-32

President's Address

President's Address PDF
R. R. Ramsey 33-44

Papers of the General Session

Scholarship, Intelligence and Personality PDF
Will E. Edington 45-50
Science in Secondary Schools PDF
Florence A. Gates 51-56
References to Scientific Literature PDF
M. G. Mellon 57-60
The Fifth International Botanical Congress PDF
T. G. Yuncker 61-66

Papers on Botany

Liverworts of Spring Mill State Park PDF
F. M. Andrews 67
Attack of Fungi on the Wooden Lids of Water Culture Jars PDF
F. M. Andrews 68
A Study of Pollen PDF
F. M. Andrews 69
Notes on Uncinula circinata Cooke and Peck PDF
R. C. Busteed 73-74
Additions to the Vascular Flora of Parke County, Indiana PDF
Rexford F. Daubenmire 75-76
Plants New or Rare to Indiana, XVI PDF
Chas. C. Deam 77-80
An Apparatus for Use in Freezing Studies on Fruits, Bulbs, and Tubers PDF
Raymond E. Girton 81-86
Ecological Relationships of the Most Common Mosses in a Certain Vicinity Near Bloomington, Indiana PDF
Gail C. Glenn, Winona H. Welch 87-102
The Altered Rate of Growth of Freesia Corms PDF
W. P. Morgan, L. J. Michael 103-106
Algae of Indiana: Additions to the 1875-1928 Check List PDF
C. Mervin Palmer 107-110
The Algae Schizomeris and Lemanea in Indiana PDF
C. Mervin Palmer 111-114
The Stanley Coulter Herbarium at Purdue University PDF
C. L. Porter, J. N. Porter 115-118
Additions to the Vascular Flora of Jasper County, Indiana, I PDF
Winona H. Welch 119-122
The Phytoplankton of a Solution Pond with Special Reference to the Periodicity of Certain Algae PDF
Helen L. White 123-140

Papers on Chemistry and Bacteriology

Organic Compounds of Selenium, III PDF
W. E. Bradt 141-164
Chemistry in Farm Overalls PDF
R. H. Carr 165-170
The Use of Metallic Electrodes as Indicators PDF
S. J. French, John M. Hamilton 171-174
The Relation of pH to the Absorption of Dyes by Bacteria PDF
S. J. French, Wm. H. Wright 175-178
A New Gas Circulation Absorption Stirrer PDF
J. A. Nieuwland, R. R. Vogt 179-180
The Serum Neutralization of Hemotoxins PDF
H. M. Powell 181-184
The Production of Hydrogen Sulphide by Heating Paraffine and Other Hydrocarbon Mixtures with Sulphur PDF
E. D. Scudder, R. E. Lyons 185-188
Chemistry Projects and Exhibitions PDF
J. Lyman Sheean 189-192
Mental Performance and the Acid Base Balance of the Blood in Normal Individuals PDF
N. W. Shock 193-202
The Reaction of Boron Fluoride with Alcohols and glycols PDF
T. H. Vaughn, H. Bowlus, J. A. Nieuwland 203-206

Papers on Geology and Geography

Micro-organisms from the Waldron Shale of Cliffty Creek, Indiana PDF
Willard Berry 207-208
Areal Geology of Putnam County, Indiana, as Indicated by the Soil Survey PDF
T. M. Bushnell 209-212
Notes on Outcrops of Silurian Near Sunman, Ripley County, Indiana PDF
J. W. Huddle 213-216
Geologic Structure in the Indian and Trinity Springs Locality, Martin County, Indiana PDF
Clyde A. Malott 217-232
Model of the Two Medicine Valley, Glacier National Park, Montana PDF
E. S. Martin, V. D. Martin 233-234
Parent Materials of Pike County, Indiana Soils PDF
John T. Miller 235-236
Two Subterranean Cut-offs in Central Crawford County, Indiana PDF
W. D. Thornbury 237-242
Some New Tertiary Pecteus PDF
H. I. Tucker 243-246
Contrasts Between the Twelve Richest and Poorest Indiana Counties PDF
Stephen S. Visher 247-250
A Probable Fault Near Bretzville, Dubois County, Indiana PDF
George Whitlatch 251-258

Papers on Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics

The effect of Humidity on the Reverberation Period of a Room PDF
Halson V. Eagleson 259-260
J. F. Mackell, J. H. Frushour, W. A. Parker 261-264
A Theoretical Lower Limit to the Mass of a Stable Asteroid PDF
Oliver E. Glenn 265-266
An Audio-Frequency Laboratory Oscillator PDF
J. B. Hershman 267-270
The Load of a Power Tube PDF
R. R. Ramsey 271-276
A Momentum Analysis of Proton and Electron Masses PDF
E. A. Smith, J. A. Vogelmann 277-280
Cosmolar Rays PDF
E. A. Smith, J. A. Vogelmann 281-286
Cosmolar Rays PDF
E. A. Smith, J. A. Vogelmann 287-290
Notes on Photo-Electric Phenomena PDF
H. A. Zinszer 291-294

Papers on Zoology

A List of the Birds Seen in Marion County, Indiana PDF
F. M. Baumgartner 295-306
Insects of Indiana for 1930 PDF
J. J. Davis 307-320
Four Rare Species of Birds in Indiana in 1930 PDF
Sidney R. Esten 321-322
Birds of Greene and Noble Counties PDF
Sidney R. Esten 323-334
Some Observations on the Seasonal History of the European Corn Borer, Pyrausta Nubilalis HBN., in Indiana PDF
G. A. Ficht 335-338
The Amphibia of Montgomery County, Indiana PDF
B. H. Grave 339-340
Waste in Scientific Research PDF
Robert Hessler 341-344
The Relation of Oxygen Tension to Oxygen Consumption in the Insects and the Crayfish PDF
Wm. A. Hiestand 345-346
Records of Indiana Dragonflies, V. 1930 PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 347-350
Preliminary List of the Butterflies of Indiana PDF
Robert W. Montgomery 351-356
Records of Indiana Coleoptera, I. Cicindelidae PDF
B. E. Montgomery, R. W. Montgomery 357-360
Herpetological Report of Morgan County, Indiana PDF
Jean Piatt 361-368
Local Movements of Birds PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, Frederick H. Test 369-370
Birds of Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, Frederick H. Test 371-374
A New Ilynassa PDF
H. I. Tucker 375-376

Back Matter

List of Members, Index PDF