Vol 41 (1931)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-laws, Minutes, Winter Meeting, Reports PDF


Richard Bishop Moore PDF
A. R. Middleton 30-37
Knute Kenneth Rockne PDF
Norman E. Duke 38
Charles Stolz PDF
Douglas W. Owen 39-40
William Arthur Zehring PDF
Thos. E. Mason. 41-42

President's Address

President's address: "Entomologists and entomology in Indiana." PDF
J. J. Davis 43-70

Special Address

Special address in connection with the first annual meeting of the Indiana Junior Academy of Science: "The inspiration which the Junior Academy of Science has brought to the High School Science Clubs in the State of Illinois." PDF
Louis A. Astell 71-76

Papers on Botany

A measurement of growth PDF
F. M. Andrews 77-79
Preservation of dry plant material PDF
F. M. Andrews 80-82
Anatomical studies within the genus Hydrangea PDF
George W. Burkett 83-96
Plants of Spring Mill State Park, Lawrence County, Indiana: I— Ferns, II—Trees, shrubs and woody vines PDF
Stanley A. Cain 97-104
Studies on virgin hardwood forest: I—Density and frequency of the woody plants of Donaldson's Woods, Lawrence County, Indiana PDF
Stanley A. Cain 105-122
Plants new or rare to Indiana, XVII PDF
Chas. C. Deam 123-124
Plant responses to sawdust PDF
Delzie Demaree 125-126
An inexpensive recording transpirometer PDF
Raymond E. Girton 127-132
A note on Passiflora lutea L PDF
Robert Hessler 133-134
Plasmolysis PDF
Richard King 135-138
Growth irregularities in hybrid Freesias induced by X-rays PDF
W. P. Morgan 139-144
Studies on Berheris vulgaris and related species: I. On seed germination and the survival of seedlings of Berheris vulgaris in Monroe County, Indiana PDF
David M. Mottier 145-148
Mixed cultures of bacteria and fungi PDF
C. L. Porter 149-152
Some observations on Pinus virginiaria Mill, in Monroe County, Indiana: An ecological study PDF
J. E. Potzger 153-173
Plants previously unreported for Monroe County, Indiana PDF
J. E. Potzger 174-176
The algae of Indiana PDF
B. H. Smith 177-206
An ecological study of the bald cypress in Indiana PDF
Winnona H. Welch 207-214

Papers on Chemistry and Bacteriology

Organic compounds of selenium, IV PDF
W. E. Bradt, J. F. Green 215-226
Organic compounds of selenium, V PDF
W. E. Bradt, J. H. Crowell 227-234
The antigenic proteins of Salmonella aertrycke PDF
Frank J. O'Hara, Mary E. Taylor 235-244
The effects of the circulation of insulating oils upon their dielectric properties PDF
Jesse C. Hendricks 245-248
Comparative studies on merthiolate with reference to laboratory evaluation and human tissue antisepsis PDF
H. M. Powell, W. A. Jamieson 249-256
A trap bottle with automatic alarm PDF
T. H. Vaughn 257-258
The double decomposition reaction PDF
E. A. Wildman 259-262

Papers on Geology and Geography

Underground features of Sinking Creek, Washington County, Indiana PDF
Robert E. Bates 263-268
A fault along Bryant's Creek, northern Monroe County PDF
Richard Freed, Ronald Rogers 269-272
Stratigraphical and structural conditions in the Siosi oil field PDF
William N. Logan 273-280
Experiments in model map making PDF
A. H. Meyer 281-284
Lost River at Wesley Chapel Gulf, Orange County, Indiana PDF
Clyde A. Malott 285-316
Climate and corn yield in Indiana, 1887-1930 PDF
John K. Rose 317-322
Stratigraphic problems involved in determining the geologic structure in the Lower Mississippian outcrop area of Southern Indiana PDF
Paris B. Stockdale 323-338
The completed Ohio River project PDF
J. E. Switzer 339-350
Notes on the glacial boundary in southern Indiana PDF
W. D. Thornbury 351-354
A list of Caloosahatchie Pliocene species PDF
H. I. Tucker, D. Wilson 355-356
A list of species from Acline, Florida PDF
H. I. Tucker, D. Wilson 357-358
The principal beds of underclay in the coal fields of Indiana PDF
George I. Whitlatch 359-362
The stratigraphy and structure of a Devonian limestone area in Clark County, Indiana PDF
George I. Whitlatch, John W. Huddle 363-390

Papers on Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics

The genetics of ideas in the realm of mathematical physics PDF
R. B. Abbott 391-394
Some observations on the formation of striae in a Kundt's tube and allied phenomena PDF
Rolla V. Cook 395-404
The Owen bridge for inductance measurement PDF
J. B. Hershman 405-408
High vacuum and electrodeless discharge technique PDF
Chas. T. Knipp 409-410
An infinity pendulum PDF
E. G. Plasterer 411-412
Filter equations PDF
R. R. Ramsey 413-416

Papers on Zoology

Comparative erythrocyte counts of representative vertebrates PDF
E. G. Stanley Baker, L. E. Kline 417-418
Revision of and additions to the list of Araneae (Spiders) of Indiana PDF
Frank R. Elliott 419-430
The occurrence of the fresh-water medusa near Richmond, Indiana PDF
M. R. Garner, M. S. Markle 431-432
Progressive parapysis of the nervous system of house flies by formaldehyde and anesthetics PDF
Wm. A. Hiestand 433-438
Visible vaso-motor effects in the pulmonary circulation of the frog PDF
Wm. A. Hiestand 439-440
A comparison of the metabolic rates of various insects as determined by carbon dioxide output PDF
Wm. A. Hiestand 441-444
Physiological assay of glucosides, toxins and poisons on gold fish, Carassius auratus PDF
Vincent A. Lapenta 445-448
Records of Indiana dragonflies, VI, 1931 PDF
B. E. Montgomery 449-454
Ichthyophthiriasis among the fishes of a pond in Indianapolis PDF
N. E. Pearson 455-464
Birds of Tippecanoe County, II PDF
L. A. Test, F. H. Test 465-482
Some modifications of leg structure in the Hydrophilidae PDF
R. G. Weber 483-494
The physiography of the Tippecanoe River PDF
H. P. Wright 495-506

Back Matter

Members, Junior Academy of Science clubs, Index, Errata PDF