Vol 42 (1932)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes PDF

Back Matter

Members, Junior Academy of Science Clubs PDF


Barton Warren Evermann PDF
W. S. Blatchley 11-14
Carl Leo Mees PDF
D. B. Prentice 15-17
David R. Moore PDF
Amos Butler 18
Eugene Daniel O'Connell PDF
Daniel Hull 19-20

Papers on Bacteriology

Electrode Potentials and Poorly Poised Biological Systems PDF
W. P. Allyn 21-26
Evaluation of Antiseptics by Test Tube Methods PDF
H. M. Powell, W. A. Jamieson 27-31
The Influence of Antiseptics on Phagocytosis PDF
H. M. Powell, W. A. Jamieson 32-34
The Use of Germ-Free Guinea Pigs in Bacteriology PDF
J. Arthur Reyniers 35-36
The Mechanization of Certain Bacteriological Procedures PDF
J. Arthur Reyniers 37-40
The Isolation of Anaerobic Cellulose-Decomposing Bacteria from Various Sources PDF
W. L. Weis 41-44

Papers on Botany

Some Algae of the Lower Wabash Valley PDF
M. E. Britton, B. H. Smith 45-46
Plants New or Rare to Indiana, XVIII PDF
Chas. C. Deam 47-50
Measurement of Plant Growth by Means of Optical Levers PDF
Raymond E. Girton 51-56
Some Effects of Lightning on Tomato Plants PDF
Stacy Hawkins 57-60
The Development and Structure of the Juvenile Leaves in Marsilea quadrifolia with Notes on the Anatomy of the Stem and Adult Petiole PDF
Ruth V. Henderson 61-72
Pollen Statistics for Two Indiana Bogs PDF
Paul King Houdek 73-78
Some Algae of Vigo, Greene and Daviess Counties PDF
Louise M. Love, Robert L. Rogers 79-82
The Types of Linnaean Genera PDF
J. A. Nieuwland 83-88
The Distribution of the Alga, Lemanea, in Indiana PDF
C. Mervin Palmer 89
Algae of Indiana: Second List of Additions to the 1875-1928 Check List PDF
C. Mervin Palmer 90-92
Notes on Indiana Grasses, 1932 PDF
J. E. Potzger 93-96
A Field Study of the Common Barberry PDF
Winona H. Welch 97-98
DePauw University Arboretum PDF
Winona H. Welch 99-100

Papers on Chemistry

Vapor Phase Esterification PDF
Frank E. Dolian, H. T. Briscoe 101-108
Studies in Etherification PDF
G. F. Hennion, H. D. Hinton, J. A. Nieuwland 109-112
The Action of Energizers During Case-Carburization PDF
E. G. Mahin, J. A. Toussaint 113-118
The Action of Vanadium Oxytrichloride upon Various Organic Compounds PDF
R. E. Nelson, A. H. McFadden 119-122
Chlorine in the Lead Storage Battery PDF
R. L. Shelley, O. W. Brown 123-126
Boron Fluoride in Acetal Catalysis PDF
Thomas H. Vaughn 127-130
The Catalytic Synthesis of Glycol Acetal PDF
Thomas H. Vaughn, J. A. Nieuwland 131-134

Papers on Geology and Geography

Some Hills of Circumalluviation in the Lower Wabash Valley PDF
Marion M. Fidlar 135-140
Geologic Structure of the Unionville Gas Field, Monroe County, Indiana PDF
Richard Freed 141-148
Geological and Structural Conditions in the Union Oil and Gas Field PDF
William N. Logan 149-152
The Physiographic Features of Pine Hills Nature Study Park, Montgomery County, Indiana PDF
Ernest Rice Smith 153-162

Papers on Physics

Permalloy Filings for Mapping Magnetic Fields PDF
Arthur L. Foley 163-164
Audio Frequency Transformer Impedance PDF
J. B. Hershman 165-176
The Design and Use of a Photoelectric Photometer PDF
B. A. Howlett 177-180
The Effect of Spacing and Area of Absorber on the Absorption of Acoustical Materials PDF
James F. Mackell 181-194
Theoretical and Practical Screen Grid Amplification PDF
William A. Parker 195-198
A Vacuum Tube Tuning Fork Drive, Using Forks of Several Different Frequencies PDF
Harold D. Webb 199-204

Papers on Zoology

A List of the Coccidae of Tippecanoe County and Their Hosts (Homoptera) PDF
John M. Amos 205-207
Descriptions of Coccidae Heretofore Unreported from Indiana (Homoptera) PDF
John M. Amos 208-212
Insects of Indiana for 1932 PDF
J. J. Davis 213-226
The Cicadellinae of Indiana (Cicadellidae, Homoptera) PDF
Howard O. Deay 227-242
Some Anatomical Features of the Tiger Snail, Anguispira alternata (Say) PDF
David T. Jones 243-250
Some Observations on the Reproductive Cycle of the Infusorian, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis PDF
Nathan E. Pearson 251-256
A New Medium for Drosophila Cultures PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh 257-258
Fresh-Water Medusae at Terre Haute, Indiana PDF
W. P. Allyn, L. J. Rettger 259-260
The Masking of Sepia by White, Two Recessive Eye-Colors in Drosophila PDF
Floyd T. Romberger, Jr. 261-268
Birds of Tippecanoe County, III PDF
Louis A. Test, Frederick H. Test 269-286