Vol 45 (1935)

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Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


Oliver Peebles Jenkins PDF
Amos W. Butler 20-21
James M. Van Hook PDF
Robert C. Busteed 22-24
Carl A. Buhl PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 25

President's Address

Presidential Address: The Aquatic Habitat PDF
Will Scott 26-34

Program of the Section on Archaeology

Program of the Section on Archeology PDF
Eli Lilly 35

Papers on Archaeology

Outlines Suggesting Classification Problems PDF
Glenn A. Black, Paul Weer 36-47
The Origin and Antiquity of the American Indian PDF
Eli Lilly 48-59

Program of the Section on Botany

Program of the Section on Botany PDF
A. R. Bechtel 60

Papers on Botany

Additional Algae of the Lower Wabash Valley PDF
M. E. Britton, B. H. Smith 61-63
Post-Pleistocene Fossil Records in Peat of the Upper Blue River Valley, Henry County, Indiana PDF
J. E. Potzger 64-68
Myxomycetes of Clark County, Indiana PDF
William D. Gray 69-73
Notes on Plasmodial Behavior of Stemonitis Fusca Roth PDF
William D. Gray 74-76
Additions to the Vascular Flora of Jasper County, Indiana. II. PDF
Winona H. Welch 77
Boreal Plant Relics in Indiana PDF
Winona H. Welch 78-88
Notes on Plants of Jefferson County New or Rare in Indiana PDF
Edna Banta 89-93
A Preliminary Study of Soil Pasteurization PDF
R. B. Zumstein 94-98
Algae of Indiana: Third List of Additions to the 1875-1928 Check List PDF
C. Mervin Palmer 99-101
A Fungous Contamination of Shaving Cream PDF
C. L. Porter, John Norman Porter 102
Notes on Indiana Grasses, 1935 PDF
J. E. Potzger 103-107
Note on a Seedling Variation in Sunflower PDF
C. A. Ludwig 108

Program of the Section on Chemistry and Bacteriology

Program of the Section on Chemistry and Bacteriology PDF
M. G. Mellon 109

Papers on Chemistry and Bacteriology

The Refractive Indices of Non-Aqueous Solutions of Metallic Chlorides PDF
Frank E. Dolian, H. T. Briscoe 110-115
The Chemical Composition of the Fatty Oil From Kukui Nuts PDF
J. L. Riebsomer, N. Foote 116-119
Volumetric Determination of the Percentage of Oxygen in the Air.—Can High School Students Obtain Reliable Results, Using the Phosphorus Method? PDF
C. O. Pauley 120-123
Increasing Recognition of the Importance of Tryptophane as a Prototype in Phytochemical Processes PDF
Wm. M. Blanchard 124-130
Commercial Cultivation of Sterile Vaccinia Virus PDF
H. C. Allisbaugh, L. C. Morgan 131-132
On the Enhancement of Bacterial Virulence by Gastric Mucin PDF
Ruth Henderson, W. A. Jamieson, H. M. Powell 133-138
The Preparation of Alkyl Bromides from the Corresponding Alcohols by the Use of Bromine in the Presence of Phosphorus PDF
R. H. Goshorn, Ed. F. Degering 139-144
Studies in the Indole Series VII. The Course of the Fischer Reaction with Ketones of the Type R CH2 CO CH3. Alpha-Propyl and Alpha-Homoveratryl Indole PDF
Percy L. Julian, Josef Pikl 145-150
Contributions to the Chemistry of Tryptophane PDF
F. M. Miller, R. E. Lyons 151-156
A Rapid Procedure for the DuClaux Analysis of Dilute Mixtures of Formic and Acetic Acids PDF
Fred O. Gibson, W. E. Bradt 157-160
The Effect of Sodium Ortho Phenyl Phenate on Viscosity, Jelly Strength, and Adhesive Strength of Glue PDF
I. F. Fleischer, R. J. Hartman 161-165
A Review of a Century of Chemical Education in Indiana PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, Fred J. Allen 166-173

Program of the Section on Geology and Geography

Program of the Section on Geology and Geography PDF
C. A. Malott 174

Papers on Geology and Geography

Features of the Valley Floor of the Wabash River Near Vincennes, Indiana PDF
M. M. Fidlar 175-182
Indiana Regional Contrasts in Temperature and Precipitation with Special Attention to the Length of the Growing Season and to Non-Average Temperatures and Rainfalls PDF
Stephen S. Visher 183-204

Program of the Section on Mathematics

Program of the Section on Mathematics PDF
Thomas E. Mason 205

Papers on Mathematics

House Bill No. 246, Indiana State Legislature, 1897 PDF
Will E. Edington 206-210

Program of the Section on Physics

Program of the Section on Physics PDF
Mason E. Hufford 211

Papers on Physics

A Unipolar Magnetic Compass PDF
E. G. Plasterer 212-213
The Hall Effect in a Circular Bismuth Plate PDF
L. Howard Petersen 214-216
The Meaning and the Measurement of Hardness PDF
E. G. Mahin 217-219
The Response of the Weston Photronic Cell to X-Rays PDF
A. J. Hiegel, E. W. Kenefake 220-221
Crystal Structure of Solidified Gases PDF
Francis E. Washer 222-228
Concerning the Optical Principles which are Involved in the Halo Phenomenon PDF
Oliver E. Glenn 229-235

Program of the Section on Psychology

Program of the Section on Psychology PDF
H. H. Remmers 236

Papers on Psychology

The Psychology of Charles Darwin PDF
Mary Frederick 237-240
A Proposed Program of Research in the Genetics of Attitudes PDF
H. H. Remmers 241-244
Psychology and its Twofold Relation PDF
Mary Verda 245-248

Program of the Section on Zoology

Program of the Section on Zoology PDF
J. P. Scott 249-250

Papers on Zoology

Photoperiodicity in the Spawning Reaction of Pennaria Tiarella McCr. PDF
E. G. Stanley Baker 251-252
Bite of the Prairie Rattlesnake, Sistrurus Catenatus Raf. PDF
Marcus W. Lyon, Jr., Charles Allan Bishop 253-256
Insects of Indiana for 1935 PDF
J. J. Davis 257-268
Vultures in Indiana PDF
Amos W. Butler 269-272
The Occurrence of Unusual Rhopalocera in Indiana PDF
Fred T. Hall 273-274
Sedimentation in Winona Lake and Tippecanoe Lake, Kosciusko County, Indiana, July 31, 1930, to July 30, 1935 PDF
Will Scott, D. H. Miner 275-286
The Salamanders of Putnam County PDF
A. E. Reynolds, E. G. Black 287-294
A Study of Sedimentation of Winona Lake PDF
Ira T. Wilson 295-304
Hemiptera Unrecorded from Indiana PDF
Howard O. Deay, George E. Gould 305-306
An Annotated List of the Bythoscopinae of Indiana (Cicadellidae, Homoptera) PDF
Delmon W. LaHue 307-314
The Habits and Early Stages of the Dragonfly, Gomphaeschna Furcillata (Say) PDF
Clarence Hamilton Kennedy 315-322
Herpetological Notes from Northern Indiana PDF
Chapman Grant 323-333
Herpetological Notes from Fort Knox, Kentucky PDF
Chapman Grant 334

Junior Academy of Science

Junior Academy of Science Program, Minutes, and Clubs PDF

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List of Members, Index PDF