Vol 67 (1957)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Complete Membership of the Year 1957, Junior Academy of Science PDF


Necrology PDF
Will E. Edington 56-72

President's Address

Presidential Address: Undergraduate Curricula in Biology PDF
Willis H. Johnson 73-89


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
William R. Adams 90-91
Pottery ornaments from Rio Tapajos, Brazil PDF
F. X. Grollig 92-95
The findings after two years of work at Serpent Mounds Site, Rice Lake, Ontario PDF
R. B. Johnston 96-97


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Edward W. Shrigley 98-100


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Alton A. Lindsey 101-103
Relation of the Formation of Annual Rings to Multiple Flushes of Growth in Several Species of Quercus PDF
A. T. Guard, S. N. Postlethwait 104-106
A Basidiomycete Which Speculates in Artificial Culture PDF
R. P. Daniels, C. L. Porter 107-108


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Robert B. Fischer 109-110
High-Speed Calculation of Least-Squares Best Consecutive Formation Constants of Metal-Ion Complexes Using an Electronic Computer PDF
D. L. McMasters, W. B. Schaap 111-116
High-speed calculation of least-squares best half-wave potentials and slopes of polarographic waves using an electronic computer PDF
D. L. McMasters, W. B. Schaap 117-121
A method of calculating the heats of combustion of organic compounds PDF
A. Moffat, H. Hunt 122-127
Aging of Reagent Solutions in Precipitation Processes PDF
R. F. Babcock, R. B. Fischer 128-134


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Howard 0. Deay 135-137
Drosoiihilidae found in tomato fields in Indiana PDF
C. A. Smith, Jr. 138-144
Some new insect pests of trees and shrubs in Indiana PDF
D. L. Schuder 145-149
Insects and other arthropods of economic importance in Indiana in 1957 PDF
J. V. Osmun 150-154
Location of larvae of the European corn borer, Pyrausta nubilalis (Hbn.), in dent corn PDF
C. A. Mullin 155-159
The anthophilous insects of Indiana. 2.A preliminary list of the diptera collected from blossoms PDF
B. L. Montgomery 160-170
A large aggregation of larval millipeds, Zinaria butleri (McNeill), in Brown County, Indiana PDF
F. N. Young 171-172
The ten most important plant feeding pests in Indiana PDF
G. E. Lehker 173-174

Geology and Geography

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Thomas G. Perry 175-177
Effect of geologic processes on economic resources of late paleozoic rocks of Indiana PDF
T. G. Perry 178-182
Indiana's probable climate during the glacial period PDF
S. S. Visher 183-184
Fossil cephalopods of Mississippian Age, Central Putnam County, Indiana PDF
C. L. Bieber 185-186
Age pyramids for Indiana's counties and larger cities PDF
John Fraser Hunt 187-193
Revision of Mississippian-Devonian boundary in White and Benton Counties, Indiana PDF
W. N. Melhorn 194-198
Interurban distances in Indiana: an evaluation of techniques PDF
John Fraser Hunt, P. P. Costas 199-204
Trangressions and regressions of early allegheny (Pennsylvanian) seas in Indiana PDF
H. H. Murray 205-211
The misleading antithesis of penckian and davisian concepts of slope retreat in waning development PDF
Yi-Fu Tuan 212-214
Reclamation Of Strip-Mined Lands in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
L. Guernsey 215-224
Preliminary report on the petrology of Southampton Island, Northwest Territory PDF
R. W. Lounsbury, R. L. Schuster 225-231

Soil Science

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
A. J. Ohlrogge, W. G. Duncan 232-233
The influence of radioactive fallout on agronomic field experimentation with radioisotopes PDF
S. R. Wilkinson, W. G. Duncan, A. J. Ohlrogge 234-236
Specific surface and reaction rate of calcitic limestone in neutralizing soil acidity PDF
H. Motto, J. L. Whiter 237-242

History of Science

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
D. DenUyl 243
Forests of the lower Wabash Bottomlands during the period 1870-1890 PDF
D. DenUyl 244-248
Aspects of the wiser use of Indiana's soils PDF
S. S. Visher 249-250
The extent of effectiveness of natural selection PDF
W. J. Tinkle 251-255
History of the early development of game regulations in Indiana PDF
H. H. Michaud 256-259
The teaching of plant physiology at Purdue in the nineteenth century PDF
R. E. Girton 260-264
Early weather records in Indiana PDF
L. A. Schaal 265-267
History of Paleobotany in Indiana PDF
J. E. Canright 268-273


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Irving Burr 274-276


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Malcolm Correl 277-281
Physics research in a small institution PDF
C. S. Morris 282-285

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
John E. Pelton 286
On the origin of the term "weed" PDF
L. J. King 287-289
Contributions to the flora of Wayne County, III PDF
C. A. Markle 290-291
Evidence of introgressive hybridization and mutation in certain Colorado populations of Aquilegia PDF
J. S. Pelton 292-296


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Kenneth M. Michels 297-299


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Eliot Williams 300-303
The records of freshwater medusae in Indiana PDF
C. F. Lytle 304-308
The effect of stilbestrol on the ovary of the immature white leghorn pullet PDF
F. J. Zeller 309-311
The action of lithosperm in mice PDF
R. E. Smith, W. R. Breneman, M. Cormack 312-315
Some observations on a summer colony of Myotis lucifugus PDF
J. B. Cope, R. E. Mumford, N. Wilson 316-321
Two representatives of a tropical suborder of Opilionids (Arachnida) found in Indiana PDF
C. J. Goodnight 322-323

Back Matter

Instructions for contributors, Index PDF