Vol 71 (1961)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, New Members of the Year 1961, Junior Academy of Science PDF


Necrology PDF
Will E. Edington 36-45

President's Address

Presidential Address PDF
Lawrence H. Baldinger 46-51


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
James H. Keller 52
The Identification of a Sample of Unmodified Faunal Remains from the Angel Site PDF
H. W. Neumann 53-56
The Incidence of Dental Caries of Pre-Historic and Historic Indian Groups PDF
E. A. Herrala 57-60
The Role of Diffusion in Changing Kinship Systems PDF
D. D. Raibourn 61-66
Accelerated Acculturation of the Mayan Indians of Guatemala PDF
F. X. Grollig 67-68
An Investigation into the Physical and Cultural Basis of Personality in College Women PDF
L. M. Robbins 69-70


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Gordon Mallett 71-72
Experimental Use in Dogs of Rabies Vaccine Prepared in Embryonated Duck Eggs PDF
H. M. Powell, C. G. Culbertson, J. O. MacFarlane, F. O. Gossett 73-77
Reversal of the Antibacterial Activity of Simple and Complex Sulfonamides by p-Aminobenzoic Acid PDF
W. A. Zygmunt 78-81


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Joseph Hennen 82-87
Indiana Plant Distribution Records, XVIII. 1959-1961 PDF
Zoe Ellis 88-90
Aerial Survey and Control of Oak Wilt in Indiana PDF
R. J. Green, Jr., C. Fordyce, Jr. 91-93
A Plant Growth Promoting Substance Found in an Acorn Weevil of the Family Curculionidae PDF
A. H. Westing 94-95
Attempts at Germination of Teliospores of Puccinia coronata var. avenae PDF
D. E. Zimmer, J. F. Schafer, G. A. Gries 96-99


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Arthur Smucker 100
The Hydrolysis of Iron in Methanol Solutions PDF
E. J. Bowers, H. D. Weaver, Jr. 101-104
Steric Effects and the Secondary Isotope Effect PDF
R. E. Davis 105-108
The Oscillator Strength of a Dipole Transition in a Lorentz-Lorenz Field PDF
R. E. Davis 109-113


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
R. E. Siverly 114-115
Periodical Cicadas, Magicicada Spp., as Pests in Apple Orchards PDF
D. W. Hamilton 116-121
Euzophera ostricolorella Hulst (Lepidoptera, Phycitidae), A Root Collar Borer of Tulip Tree PDF
D. L. Schuder, R. L. Giese 122-123
Light Trap Collections of the Nocturnal Bee, Sphecodogastra texana (Cresson) (Hymenoptera, Halictidae) PDF
L. Chandler 124-129
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana in 1961 PDF
J. V. Osmun 130-137
Greenhouse Studies on the Resistance of Corn and Barley Varieties of Survival of the Corn Leaf Aphid PDF
G. H. Dishner, R. T. Everly 138-141
Effect of X-Ray Radiation on the Survival of the Corn Leaf Aphid PDF
S. C. Hershey, R. T. Everly 142-145
Some Factors Associated with Earworm Resistance in Sweet Corn PDF
E. V. Walter 146-147

Geology and Geography

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Duncan McGregor 148-149
Southern Indiana's Recreational Triangle PDF
T. F. Barton 150-162
Movement of Limestone Blocks by Floodwaters in Southern Putnam County, Indiana PDF
C. L. Bieber 163-165
Recent Developments in Underground Gas Storage Fields in Indiana PDF
R. V. Kirch 166-168
Manufactural Geography of East Chicago-Whiting, Indiana (A Study in Geographic Rehabilitation) PDF
A. H. Meyer, D. H. Paetz 169-186
Apportionment of Representation in the Indiana Legislature PDF
D. W. Amstutz 187-191
Distribution of Population Change in Indiana, 1950-1960 PDF
P. D. Whippo 192-195
Bloomington's Industrial Labor-Shed PDF
R. D. Wright 196-202
Characteristics of the Terre Haute Central Business District PDF
L. Guernsey 203-209
Some Comparisons of Population in the Middle West in 1950 PDF
John Fraser Hart 210-218
Regional Contrasts in the Characteristics of the Agricultural Labour Force of the Corn Belt PDF
I. B. Thompson 219-225

History of Science

A Brief History of the Herbarium of Indiana University PDF
C. B. Heiser, Jr. 226-227
History of the Arthur Herbarium at Purdue University PDF
J. W. Baxter, F. D. Kern 228-232
The Kriebel Herbarium at Purdue University PDF
G. L. Webster 233-234
The Greene-Nieuwland Herbarium at the University of Notre Dame PDF
R. P. McIntosh 235-238
The DePauw University Herbarium PDF
W. H. Welch 239-241
A Century of Botany and Botanists at DePauw University PDF
T. G. Yuncker 242-247
The Antibiotics: Past, Present, and Future PDF
J. M. McGuire 248-257
Biographical Sketches of Indiana Scientists, II PDF
W. E. Edington 258-264
Geographic Influences, Changes in Bloomington, Indiana PDF
S. S. Visher 265-270
Some Scientific Expeditions to the Southeastern United States Taken by David Starr Jordan PDF
F. K. Daily 271-274


No abstracts or papers received. PDF
Merrill E. Shanks 275


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Howard Black 275-276
A Method for Measuring Neutron Flux by a Paraffin Oil Bath Technique PDF
A. W. Manning, T. R. Jeter, H. Schmuckler 277-281
A Constant Voltage Supply for a Pressure Transducer PDF
J. E. Brock, S. Pursley, M. G. Dunn, A. Clausen 282-283

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Helene Starcs 284
A Decade of Oldfield Succession in an Indiana Biological Reserve PDF
R. A. de Langlade, A. A. Lindsey 285-291
New County Records for Fayette and Franklin Counties, Indiana PDF
P. C. Baker, J. B. Cope 292
Algae of Putnam County, Indiana PDF
C. R. Hall 293-297
Some Algae of the Cabin Creek Raised Bog, Randolph County, Indiana PDF
W. A. Daily 298-301
Notes on Vascular Plants of the Cabin Creek Raised Bog PDF
H. Starcs 302-304
Some Aspects of the Diatom Flora of Cabin Creek Raised Bog, Randolph County, Indiana PDF
C. W. Reimer 305-319
Hoot Woods, A Remnant of Virgin Timber, Owen County, Indiana PDF
R. O. Petty, A. A. Lindsey 320-326


Effect of Non-Optimally High Incubation Temperatures on T-Maze Learning in the Chick PDF
W. C. Gunther, R. K. Jones 327-333

Soil Science

Astract of paper not published in full PDF
Ronald Tukey 334
Establishing Crop Potentials for Indiana Soil Types PDF
H. M. Galloway 335-340
The Edge of Hunger PDF
N. Desrosier 341-346
Increasing Crop Potentials Through Water Availability PDF
D. Wiersma 347-352
Technological Change and Resource Utilization in American Agriculture PDF
V. W. Ruttan 353-360
Response of Wheat to Nitrogen on Indiana Soils PDF
R. K. Stivers, H. F. Hodges, R. F. Dudley, C. F. Dudley 361-366


Abstract of paper not published in full PDF
L. E. DeLanney 367-369
Long Term Cyclic Changes in the Temperature of Man PDF
W. J. Brett 370-373
Adrenal Cortical Accessory Tissue and Azo Dye Carcinogenesis PDF
W. J. Eversole 374-377
Burrows and Oscillative Behavior Therein of Lumbricus terrestris PDF
J. W. Joyner, N. P. Harmon 378-384
Effect of Environmental Stress on Chick Weight PDF
W. C. Gunther, R. K. Jones 385-398
A Study of the Box Turtle, Terrapene Carolina Carolina (L), Population in Allee Memorial Woods PDF
E. C. Williams, Jr. 399-406
Evidence of the Mastodon in Hendricks County PDF
A. E. Reynolds 407-411

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Instructions for Contributors, Index to Volume 71 PDF
Cumulative Index, Volumes 61-70, 1951-1960 PDF