Vol 74 (1964)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Revised Constitution and By-Laws, New Members 1964, Junior Academy of Science PDF


Necrology PDF
Will E. Edington 41-59

President's Address

Presidential Address PDF
Edward L. Haenisch 60-67


The sacrum of the American Indian PDF
A. L. Urbont 68-71
The use of female crania in demonstrating racial relationships in two Upper Mississippi Amerind groups PDF
J. K. Smail 72-80
Preliminary report on the Hopewellian skeletons from the Klunk site, Calhoun County, Illinois PDF
K. B. Hunter 81-83
Comparison of osteoarthritis in three aboriginal populations PDF
Florence H. Chapman 84-86
A preliminary study in the paleopathology of an archaic American Indian population PDF
H. W. Neumann 87-89
The Early Woodland manifestation in Greene County, Indiana PDF
G. K. Neumann, C. H. Tomak 90
Climatic change and the Northern Plains Archaic PDF
W. R. Hurt 90-106
Some institutional response to culture contact PDF
E. O. Segal 107-111
The social organization of the Northeastern Algonkians PDF
J. A. Frisch 112-113
A suggested standardization of nomenclature in archaeological methodology PDF
B. K. Swartz, Jr. 114-117


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Gordon Malette 118-119
The effect of the successive administration of two antigens to germfree and conventional chickens PDF
B. S. Wostmann, G. B. Olson 120-124
Lymphocytopoiesis and plasmacytopoiesis in germfree mice stimulated with 7s human gamma globulin PDF
G. B. Olson, B. S. Wostmann 125-131
Inhibitory action of statolon against polyoma virus PDF
H. M. Powell 132-135
Mouse tests of poliomyelitis vaccine PDF
H. M. Powell 136-139
Identification and physiological studies of soil bacteria causing fungistasis PDF
P. L. Smith, R. J. Green, Jr. 140-148
Aerobic heavy sludge digestion PDF
C. R. Hassler, R. I. Fletcher 149-151


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
P. A. Orpurt 152-154
Inheritance of resistance to loose smut in three winter barleys PDF
Henry Shands, F. L. Patterson, J. F. Schafer 155-164
Preliminary results in the laboratory culture of planktonic blue-green algae PDF
W. R. Eberly 165-168
Comparison of Donaldson's Woods in 1964 with its 1954 forest map of 20 acres PDF
A. A. Lindsey, D. V. Schmelz 169-177


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Quentin R. Petersen 178-180
Generation and measurement of uv light pulse in the nanosecond and sub-nanosecond region PDF
P. Ludwig, J. D'Allessio, M. Burton 181-182
The preparation of several 3, 4-dialkylyuinolines and intermediate compounds PDF
D. J. Cook, W. E. Schelwalt 183-188
Some problems encountered in copolymerization studies using Ziegler-Natta type catalysts PDF
T. C. Schwan 189-193


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Merrill L. Cleveland 194-196
The social wasps in Indiana (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) PDF
Leland Chandler 197-204
Protura of Wayne County, Indiana PDF
Walter Brigadier, Gertrude L. Ward 205-206
Insects and other Arthropods of economic importance in Indiana in 1964 PDF
J. V. Osmun, R. A. Bram 207-218
Maintenance of fruit insect cultures at Vincennes, Indiana PDF
M. L. Cleveland 219-221

Geology and Geography

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
John Fraser Hart 222-223
Population concentration in Indiana PDF
J. F. Hart 224-229
Is Indiana becoming overpopulated? PDF
S. S. Visher 230-231
Manufactural geography of Greater Blue Island, Illinois PDF
A. H. Meyer, Ben Lair 232-244
A comparison of ten, twenty-five and fifty year climatic records PDF
J. C. Hook, A. J. Cantin 245-247
Noncongressional land-survey divisions in Indiana PDF
A. F. Schneider 248-254
Strip coal mine reclamation problems in Indiana PDF
Lee Guernsey 255-258
Economic groundwater problems encountered in the development of a housing area PDF
T. R. West, D. J. Barr 259-267
Structural mapping by means of Mississippian corals in West-Central Indiana PDF
C. L. Bieber 268-270
Variation of Iron sulfide content in sphalerites of Mississippi valley deposits PDF
J. H. Cleveland 271-277
Historical background—Wisconsin population, population distribution PDF
E. B. Hess 278-282

History of Science

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
A. T. Guard 283
Three-quarters of a century of biology at Purdue University: 1874-1947 PDF
R. E. Girton 284-288
Charles Redway Dryer PDF
Benjamin Moulton 289-292


(No Papers) PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 293


(No Papers) PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 293


Fourier svnthesis PDF
D. H. Alman, H. K. Hughes 294-297
A constant speed drive for Mossbauer experiments PDF
C. F. Hackett, H. K. Hughes 298-301
Energy ether PDF
J. F. Houlihan 302-306

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Robert Petty 307
Forest analysis of a mesic ravine, Parke County, Indiana PDF
R. O. Petty 308-313
Castilleja coccinea in the yellow form PDF
G. C. Marks 314
A twice taken sampling of phytoplankton in four areas of Dewart Lake, Indiana PDF
Sue E. Harper, C. E. Gifford 315-318

Soil Science

Some characteristics of Purdue soil testing data from field plots PDF
R. K. Stivers 319-324
Soil survey saves Lake County taxpayers' money PDF
Robert Montgomery, K. A. Wenner 325-327
Soil associations of Perry County PDF
J. M. Robbins, Jr. 328-334
Characteristics and formation of plinthite on Maui Island, Hawaii PDF
C. W. Guernsey 335-338
Determination of the gross gamma radioactivity of Indiana soils by large volume liquid scintillation counting PDF
P. L. Ziemer, J. E. J. E. Christian 339-342
Gross gamma radioactivity in Indiana precipitation PDF
P. L. Ziemer, L. A. Schaal, J. E. Newman, C. L. Rhykerd, J. E. Christian 343-347


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Robert H. Cooper 348-352
The distribution of fishes in Putnam County, Indiana, and vicinity PDF
J. R. Gammon 353-359
Another cat with an ''upside-down" stomach PDF
J. H. Hamon 360-361
Further observations on effect of nonoptimally high incubation temperature on frequency of pecking and color preference in the chick PDF
W. C. Gunther 362-366
Vitamin deficiency and survival of Hepatoma BW7756 mice PDF
W. C. Clark 367-370
The turtle population of a Northern Indiana Lake PDF
Susan E. Wade, C. E. Gifford 371-374
Quantitative external relationships in two species of small plethodons PDF
A. E. Reynolds, T. A. Stabler 375-378
The effect of pesticides on the Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus) PDF
J. M. Phelps, Jr., J. R. Hastings, J. E. Gammon 379-385
The effects of parental age on egg production, hatchability of the eggs, and survival of the offspring in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
D. M. O'Brian, C. Yablonsky, C. Gilloly 386-392
The distribution of macro-invertebrates in littoral macrophytes in an Indiana lake PDF
Ruth E. Pettee, C. E. Gifford 393-397
Scar: a temperature sensitive mutation in Tribolium castaneum Herbst PDF
Harold Eddleman 398-401

Back Matter

Instructions for contributors, Index PDF