Vol 78 (1968)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Financial Statement, Reports PDF
  ii, 1-31
New Members for 1968 PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 32-42

President's Address

Presidential Address: Urban Geology—A Need and A Challenge PDF
William J. Wayne 49-64


Science, Communication, and the Critical Mass PDF
Robert E. Gordon 65-70


Abstracts PDF
B. K. Swartz, Jr. 71-72
The Incidence of the Perforation of the Coronoid-olecran Septum in the Middle Mississippian Population of Dickson Mounds, Fulton County, Illinois PDF
R. L. Blakely, R. J. Marmouze, D. D. Wynne 73-82
The Linear Growth of Long Bones in Late Woodland Indian Children PDF
P. L. Walker 83-87
On the Origin of the Tutelo—An Eastern Siouan Tribe PDF
R. W. Alexander, Jr., G. K. Neumann 88-92
The Origin of the Shawnee Indians PDF
L. M. Robbins, G. K. Neumann 93-96
Urban Anthropology and the Southern Mountaineer PDF
B. R. Huelsman 97-103
A Systems Approach to the Study of Complex Society PDF
M. S. Weiss 104-108


Abstracts PDF
Hayward Campbell, Jr. 109-114


Abstracts PDF
Thomas R. Mertens 115-119
Pennsylvanian Coal Ball Flora of Indiana PDF
R. W. Judd, J. J. Nisbet 120-138
Algal Records for Three Indiana Sewage Stabilization Ponds PDF
C. M. Palmer 139-145
Environmental Regulation of Experimental Leaflet Abcission PDF
D. J. Morre', B. Rau, R. Vieira, T. Stanceu, T. Dion 146-160

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Ralph Jersild 161-166
Studies on the Mechanisms of Gluteraldehyde Stabilization of Cytomembranes PDF
D. J. Morre', H. H. Mollenhauer 167-182
Adenosine Mono-, Di- and Trinucleotidase Activities of Rat Liver Cytomebranes PDF
A. E. Middleton, R. Cheetam, D. Gerber, D. J. Morre' 183-188
Membranifibrils on Cristae and Grana Membranes PDF
J. D. Hall, J. W. Stiles, Y. Awasthi, F. L. Crane 189-198


Abstracts PDF
L. A. McGrew 199-200


Abstracts PDF
William B. Crankshaw 201-203
The Effect of Ground Cover on the Soil Moisture Regine in a Mixed Mesophytic Woods PDF
W. B. Crankshaw 204-209
Detailed Studies of Old-Growth Forests in Versailles State Park, Indiana PDF
M. T. Jackson, P. R. Allen 210-230
A Study of Collembolan Populations Associated with Four Seral Stages Leading to the Beech-Maple Climax PDF
P. M. Arnett 231-240
Woodcock Singing Ground Descriptions for Two Indiana Sites PDF
W. B. Crankshaw, J. A. Smith, R. D. Kirkpatrick 241-244
Hemmer Woods: An Outstanding Old-Growth Lowland Forest Remnant in Gibson County, Indiana PDF
M. T. Jackson 245-254


Notes PDF
Leland Chandler 255-256
A Checklist of the Mosquitoes of Indiana with a Record of the Occurrence of Aedes infirmatus D & K PDF
J. W. Hart 257-259
Crosses of Tropisternus from Central America with Other Color Forms of the Tropisternus collaris Complex (Coleoptera: HYDROPHILIDAE) PDF
F. N. Young 260-265
An Annotated List of the Spiders of Indiana PDF
T. A. Parker 266-314

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Lowell I. Dillon 315-316
Analysis of Surficial Landform Properties: The Regionalization of Indiana into Units of Morphometric Similarity PDF
L. A. Lewis 317-328
Earth Science Teaching in the Secondary Schools of Indiana PDF
R. F. Boneham 329-332
Stratigraphy and Correlation of Middle Devonian Strata in the Logansport Sag, North-central Indiana PDF
R. W. Orr 333-341
Planning for and Utilization of the Web Pattern of Physical Urban Development in Cities PDF
T. F. Barton 342-347
Transportation of Mineral Aggregates in Indiana PDF
R. R. French 348-354
An Economic Appraisal of Reclamation Practices on a Strip Coal Mine Site in Greene County, Indiana PDF
R. M. Dinkel, L. Guernsey 355-362
Popcorn Production in Indiana PDF
L. I. Dillon 363-368

History of Science

History of Science PDF
Robert H. Cooper 369
Academic Origins of Members of the Genetics Society of America PDF
D. Howard, T. R. Mertens 370-377
Original Science Apparatus Preserved in Science Museums and Universities in Free Europe PDF
N. G. Sprague 378-380
A Half Century of Science at Ball State University PDF
R. H. Cooper 381-386


Abstracts PDF
Edwin C. Craig 387-388
The Design and Construction of a System for Direct Measurement of Atomic Lifetimes PDF
T. V. Blanc, A. G. Danemar, D. E. Koltenbah 389-393

Plant Taxonomy

Plant Taxonomy PDF
Carrolle A. Markle 395
Hookeriaceae Species and Distribution in South America PDF
W. H. Welch 396-405
Some Late Glacial Charophytes Compared to Modern Species PDF
F. K. Daily 406-412
Indiana Plant Distribution Records, XX, 1966-68 PDF
J. Humbles 413
The Flowering of Lemna minor and the Establishment of Centaurium pulchellum in Northwestern Indiana PDF
G. C. Marks 414-416

Soil Science

Abstracts PDF
M. L. Baumgardner 417
Tillage Techniques on Indiana Prairie Soil PDF
H. Kohnke, S. A. Barber 418-428
Fitting Plants to Fragipan Soils in Southern Indiana PDF
M. E. Heath 429-434
Fertilizer Experiments with Corn on Several Soils in Indiana, 1963-1965 PDF
R. K. Stivers 435-444


Abstracts PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr. 445-446
Rabies in Indiana Bats PDF
J. O. Whitaker, Jr., W. A. Miller, W. L. Boyko 447-456
Preference for Toxic and Non-toxic Artificial Sweeteners in Rodents PDF
M. W. Wagner, W. C. Gunther 457-465
Melanoma in Heloderma suspectum Cope PDF
R. H. Cooper 466-467
A Comparative Study of Some Effects of Aminoglutethimide Phosphate on Serum Potassium and Sodium PDF
G. P. Pollock 468-471
Aspects of Water Loss Physiology in Certain Plethodontid Salamanders PDF
B. L. Pickard, A. E. Reynolds 472-481
Rapid Approximations for some Chi Square and Derived Correlational Statistics Used in the Social and Biological Sciences PDF
H. W. Wendt 482-490
The Food of Rana catesbeiana in Three Habitats in Owen County, Indiana PDF
F. Don Fulk, J. O. Whitaker, Jr. 491-496
The Hoary Bat in Indiana PDF
R. E. Mumford 497-501

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