Vol 79 (1969)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Financial Statement, Reports PDF
  ii-ix, 3-26
New Members for 1969 PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 27-38

President's Address

Presidential Address: The World of the Honeybee PDF
Howard R. Youse 45-48


To Ruine a World PDF
John B. Patton 49-56


Abstracts, Notes PDF
Robert E. Pace 57-59
A Re-examination of the Question of the Middle Western Origin of the Delaware Indians PDF
G. K. Neumann 60-61
Origins and Racial Affiliations of the Illinois Hopewell Indians PDF
K. B. Hunter, G. K. Neumann 62-64
Some Possible Causes for Late-Pleistocene Faunal Extinctions PDF
W. H. Adams 65-68
Preliminary Report on the Crania from the Island Field Site, Kent County, Delaware PDF
G. K. Neumann, T. A. Murad 69-74
Preliminary Report on the Excavation of the "Great Mound" at Mounds State Park in Madison County, Indiana PDF
K. D. Vickery 75-82


Abstracts PDF
Robert L. Kent 83-84
Some "Atypical" Stem Structures in the Gramineae PDF
P. Weatherwax 85-90

Cell Biology

Abstracts, Notes PDF
Edward Hinsman 91-95
Comparisons of Isolated Plasma Membranes from Plant Stems and Rat Liver PDF
D. J. Morre, J. C. Roland, C. A. Lembi 96-106
Di- and Tri-nucleotidase Activities of Rat Liver Cytomembranes PDF
R. D. Cheetham, D. J. Morre 107-109
A Model Mosaic Membrane: Cytochrome Oxidase PDF
T. F. Chuang, Y. C. Awasthi, F. L. Crane 110-120


Abstracts PDF
James E. George 121-122
Temperature Dependence of Eo for the Daniell Cell PDF
Barbara Buckbee, R. E. Surdzial, C. R. Metz 123-128
The Study of Complexes of Di-n-butyloxamidine with Transition Metals PDF
W. E. Hoffman, M. Jacobs, G. Kennepohl, D. W. Parrott, P. Reed, T. R. Stout, J. Sundy 129-134


Abstracts PDF
Thomas S. McComish 135-138
Bluegill Predation by Three Fish Species PDF
W. J. Gulish 139-147
Practicality of Endrin as a Fish Toxicant PDF
H. E. McReynolds 148-161
Courtship and Territorial Behavior of Some Indiana Woodcocks PDF
H. P. Weeks, Jr. 162-171
Foods of the White-footed Mouse, Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis, from Pike County, Indiana PDF
G. S. Jones 172-176
Observations on Ecology and Behavior of Indiana Ruffed Grouse PDF
J. P. Muehrcke, C. M. Kirkpatrick 177-186
Fox Bounty in Indiana During the Years 1961 through 1968 PDF
R. D. Kirkpatrick 187-192
Naturalized Big Trefoil (Lotus pedunculatus Cav.) Ecotypes Discovered in Crawford County, Indiana PDF
M. E. Heath 193-197
The Forest Types of Indiana and a New Method of Classifying Midwestern Hardwood Forests PDF
A. A. Lindsey, D. V. Schmelz 198-204
A Survey of the Commercially Valuable Mussels of the Wabash and White Rivers of Indiana PDF
L. A. Krumholz, R. L. Bingham, E. R. Meyer 205-226


Abstracts PDF
Jack R. Munsee 227
The Second Record of Coelioxys obtusiventris Crawford (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae) PDF
L. Chandler 228
Indiana vs. Indian Territory: Misinterpreted Locality Citations PDF
L. Chandler 229-230
The occurrence of Chalybion zimmermanni Dahlbom (Sphecidae) in Indiana PDF
Gertrude L. Ward 231-233
A Taxonomic Key to the Collembola in Four Seral Stages Leading to the Beech-Maple Climax PDF
Patricia M. Arnett 234-237
Factors Influencing the Species Composition of Mosquito Populations in Indiana PDF
R. E. Siverly 238-248
A Check List of Indiana Collembola PDF
J. W. Hart 249-252

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
W. N. Melhorn 253
Acritarchs (Leiosphaeridia) in the New Albany Shale of Southern Indiana PDF
R. F. Boneham 254-262
Factors Affecting Coal Roof Rock in Sullivan County, Indiana PDF
C. E. Wier 263-269
Proposed Origins for the Hadley Lake Depression, Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
N. I. Johansen, W. N. Melhorn 270-280
Base Level, Lithologic and Climatic Controls of Karst Groundwater Zones in South-Central Indiana PDF
R. L. Powell 281-291
Cooling Degree Days in Indiana PDF
L. A. Schaal 292-298
The Climatology of Indiana Tornadoes PDF
E. M. Agee 299-308
The Changing Location Patterns of the Neighborhood Grocers in Terre Haute, Indiana: A Geographic Analysis PDF
R. M. Dinkel, A. J. Cantin 309-317
Population and Settlement Decline in Southwestern Indiana PDF
T. F. Barton 318-324
A Comparison of the Central Place Hierarchy Pattern of Central Indiana to the Walter Christaller Model PDF
N. V. Weber 325-332
Parameter Measurement in Fluvial Morphology PDF
D. M. Coffman 333-344

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Warner S. Wegener 345-347
Development of a Clear, Photopolymerizable Acrylamide Gel and Its Use in Immobilization and Staining of Nucleic Acids PDF
T. A. Cole, W. F. Middendorf 348-350
The Effect of Avidin on the Biosynthesis of Fatty Acids in Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus PDF
K. Schwenk, Alice S. Bennett 351-356


Abstracts, Notes PDF
Richard L. Conklin 357-360
Semiconductors Produced by Doping Oxideglasses with Ir, Pd, Rh or Ru PDF
C. C. Sartain 361-374

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Jack E. Humbles 375-376
Hookeriaceae Species and Distribution in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania PDF
Winona H. Welch 377-387
Biosystematic Studies of the Beech and Marsh Ferns PDF
Jeanette C. Oliver 388-395
Cytotaxonomic Notes on Genus Polygonum, Section Polygonum PDF
D. N. Moore, T. R. Mertens, Joyce E. Highwood 396-400

Soil Science

Distribution of Corn (Zea mays L.) Roots in Two Soils in Relation to Depth of Sampling and Type of Sampler PDF
R. K. Stivers 401-406
The Effect of Rainfall Energy on Water Infiltration into Soils PDF
J. V. Mannering, D. Wiersma 407-412
Effects of Organic Matter on the Multispectral Properties of Soils PDF
M. F. Baumgardner, S. Kristof, C. J. Johannsen, A. Zachary 413-422
A Two-year Study of Bacterial Populations in Indiana Farm Pond Waters PDF
L. B. Hughes, H. W. Reuszer 423-431
Adsorption of Insecticides on Pond Sediments and Watershed Soils PDF
N. L. Meyers, J. L. Ahlrichs, J. L. White 432-438


Abstracts PDF
James C. List 439-440
Parasites of Feral Housemice, Mus musculus, in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
J. O. Whitaker, Jr. 441-448
Molt in Two Populations of the House Mouse, Mus musculus PDF
R. E. Brechner, R. D. Kirkpatrick 449-454
Some Effects of Aminoglutethimide on Water and Electrolyte Metabolism in the Female Rat PDF
R. E. Zimmerman, W. J. Eversole 455-461
The Effect of Steroids on the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Content of Chicken Anterior Pituitary Glands PDF
F. J. Zeller, W. R. Rathkamp 462-465
Radiotelemetry with the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) PDF
J. B. Cope, D. R. Hendricks, W. B. Telfair 466-469
Status of Myotis lucifugus in Indiana PDF
J. B. Cope, D. R. Hendricks 470-471
Vertebrate Remains from an Indiana Cave PDF
R. L. Richards 472-475
Comparisons of Rewarming from Natural Torpidity and Induced Hypothermia in Chipmunks (Tamias striatus) with Reference to Heart Rate and Temperature Relationships PDF
R. E. Schaffer, R. W. Bullard 476-483

Back Matter

Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF