Vol 80 (1970)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Reports, Necrology, New Members PDF
  iii-x, 3-38

President's Address

Presidential Address: "Chromatography and Spectroscopy—The New Team in Chemistry," PDF
Frank A. Guthrie 39-49


"The Flag and the Fir Tree" PDF
R. O. Petty 50-55
"Outdoor Museums and Laboratories: Needs, Uses and Values" PDF
Marion T. Jackson 56-62


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 63-66
A Preliminary Report on the Leonard Site PDF
R. E. Henn 67-73
Interim Report of the Daughtery-Monroe Site: An Allison-LaMotte Village PDF
R. A. Clouse, J. W. Richardson, E. V. McMichael 74-83
The Application of Photon Absorptiometry to Prehistoric Skeletal Material PDF
T. A. Murad 84-89
Osteoporotic Bone Loss in an Illinois Hopewell Population PDF
A. J. Perzigian 90-94


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 95-98
A Comparison of Local and Regional Leaf Characteristics in Indiana PDF
G. E. Dolph 99-103
Systemic Activity of Benomyl Fungicide against Cladosporium Leaf Mold and Verticillium Wilt of Greenhouse Tomatoes PDF
J. C. Locke, R. J. Green Jr. 104-110

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 111-113
The Toxicity of 2,4-D and Picloram Herbicides to Fish PDF
M. Sergeant, D. Blazer, J. H. Elder, C. A. Lembi, D. J. Morre 114-123
A Compact and a Dispersed Form of the Golgi Apparatus of Fish Liver PDF
D. J. Morre, C. A. Lembi 124-129
Lipophilic Quinones in Mineral-Deficient Maize Leaves PDF
R. Barr, J. D. Hall, F. L. Crane 130-140


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 141-143
A Dielectric Study of Bis-(2'-hydroxyacetophenonato) Copper (II) PDF
J. R. Heys, E. Schwartz 144-150
A Reinvestigation of some Alkali Chelates PDF
E. Boschmann 151-154
The Solvation of Iron (III) By l-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone PDF
J. R. Siefker, Judith C. Douglas 155-158
Spectrophotometric Determination of the Chromate-Dichromate Equilibrium Constant PDF
J. A. Smith, C. R. Metz 159-163
The Chemistry of 1,2,5-Thiadiazoles. I. The Parent Compound PDF
M. Carmack, L. M. Weinstock, D. Shew, F. Marquardt, R. Y. Wen, I. W. Stapleton, r. w. Street 164-174


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 175-179
Using Injected Dyes for Marking Fish PDF
R. S. Brenda 180-182
Thermal Pollution of a Small River by a Large University: Bacteriological Studies PDF
T. D. Brock, Ilse Yoder 183-188
Changes in the Molluscan Fauna of the Saint Joseph River, Indiana, between 1959 and 1970 PDF
C. F. Dineen 189-195
Inferential Evidence of Changes in Growth Rates and Population Densities of Bluegill Sunfish during a 30-year Period PDF
D. Weaver, H. E. McReynolds 196-200
Jumping Mice (Zapodidae) in Indiana PDF
J. O. Whitaker Jr., R. E. Mumford 201-209
Vegetation-climate Relationships in the Eastern United States PDF
A. Lindsey, J. O. Sawyer 210-214
The James Bird Woods: An Old-growth Oak-hickory Remnant in Harrison County, Indiana PDF
D. V. Schmelz, D. L. Hodde 215-219
Simulated Sunlight Duration Maps of Forest Openings PDF
K. M. Brown, C. Merritt 220-224
Phenotypic Variation in River Birch (Betula nigra L.) PDF
P. L. Roth 225-229
Geographic Considerations in Automatic Cover Type Identification PDF
R. M. Hoffer, F. E. Goodrick 230-244


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 245-246
Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood X) in Indiana in 1970 (Homoptera-Cicadidae) PDF
F. N. Young 247-252
Records and Observations of Indiana Odonata PDF
B. E. Montgomery 253-263
Nest Site Preference of Chalybion zimmermanni Dahlbom (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae) PDF
Gertrude L. Ward 264-266
The Corn Rootworm Problem in Indiana PDF
G. E. Gould 267-274
A Preliminary Study of Mosquito Populations at Waste Lagoons in East-Central Indiana— 1970 PDF
D. A. Shroyer 275-282
Infections of Orthopterans by Mermis subnigrescens Cobb (Nematoda) in Iowa PDF
M. W. Denner 283-285
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1970 PDF
R. W. Meyer, J. V. Osmund 286-298
Composition of Domestic Fly Populations in Delaware County, Indiana PDF
R. E. Siverly 299-304
Trichogramma minutum Relationship to Codling Moth and Red-banded Leaf Roller Eggs PDF
R. E. Dolphin, M. L. Cleveland, T. E. Mouzin 305-310

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 311-314
Indiana Climate and Corn Production: 1960-1969 PDF
N. V. Weber 315-319
Silurian Chitinozoa From Indiana I: The Mississinewa Shale Member of North-central Indiana PDF
R. F. Boneham, W. R. Masters 320-329
Conflicting Theories of Inadvertent Weather Modification in Urban Areas PDF
J. R. Norwine 330-336
The Need for and Some Kinds of Multi-county Regional Planning in Indiana PDF
T. F. Barton 337-345
The Indiana Coal Industry Surface Mining Reclamation Program PDF
C. Medvick 346-350
Changes in the Configuration of a Stream Channel Resulting from the Construction of a Dam PDF
L. A. Lewis, Y. M. Sternberg 351-355
Synagraphic Mapping of the Mean Elevation and Relative Relief of Indiana PDF
J. E. Hasch, T. W. Holder 356-361
The Distribution of Mobile Home Park Development in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
R. L. Dunn 362-364

History of Science

History of Science PDF
Max A. Proffitt 365-366

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 367-368
Thermal Synthesis of Amino Acids under Assumed Prebiotic Conditions PDF
V. Marshall, Alice Bennett 369-373
The Use of Ethidium Bromide in Detecting Banded DNA in Cesium Chloride-Polyacrylamide Gels PDF
T. A. Cole, S. G. O'Neal 374-376


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 377-379
New Upper Limit of Production Cross Section of Faster-than-Light Particles PDF
T. Alvager, E. Haring 380-383
On the Use of Ion Bombardment and Implantation in the Study of Biological Material PDF
T. Alvager, J. Swez 384-387
On Propagation in Cylindrical Guides with Arbitrary Impedance Walls PDF
H. H. Snyder 388-403
On Possible Nuclear Synthesis of Helium at Low Densities PDF
T. Alvager, R. Darrah, D. Kawatka 404-412

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 413-415
A Systematic Study of the Oak Fern PDF
Jeanette C. Oliver 416-421
A Taxonomic Study of Genus Polygonum Employing Chromatographic Methods PDF
D. M. Jones, T. R. Mertens 422-430
A Biosystematic Study of the Narrow-leaved Spleenwort, Athyrium pycnocarpon PDF
J. B. Banks, J. M. Cumo 431-436

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 437-438
Effect of Instructional Technique Employing Wert Dialysis Box on Biology Student Achievement PDF
W. G. Wert, C. E. Kline 439-442

Soil Science

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 443
Differences Between Selected High and Low Ground Soils of Indiana PDF
R. K. Stivers 444-452
Leaf Moisture Variation Within Corn Leaf Sections PDF
C. J. Johannsen, M. F. Baumgardner, D. Wiersma 453-460
Effect of Changing Soil Moisture on Corn Leaf Moisture PDF
C. F. Johannsen, M. F. Baumgardner, D. Wiersma 461-467
Experiences with Vertical Mulching PDF
H. Kohnke 468-475
The Effect of Altitude on the Multispectral Mapping of Soil Organic Matter PDF
E. Horvath, O. Montgomery, Barbara Van Zile 476-484


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 485-488
Trematodes and cestodes from the Digestive Tracts of Synaptomys cooperi and Three Species of Microtus from Indiana PDF
J. O. Whitaker Jr., Dorothy Adalis 489-494
Parasites of Mus musculus taken from an Inhabited Building in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana PDF
D. E. Clark 495-500
Some Biological Aspects of Mermis subnigrescens Cobb (Nematoda) PDF
M. W. Denner 501-504
The Early Effect of Gonadotropins on 32P Uptake by the Immature Chicken Testes PDF
F. J. Zeller 505-509
The Effect of Aminoglutethimide on Membrane Permeability in Rabbit and Human Erythrocytes PDF
Margaret Ann Hayden, W. J. Brett 510-516

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF