Vol 88 (1978)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Financial Report, Annual Report, Biological Survey, Neucrology, New Members PDF
  iii-xiii, 3-51

President's Address

The Brain, The Beauty of Science and Learning PDF
Jerry J. Nisbet 52-57


Abstracts PDF
Russell E. Lewis 58-61
Jerger: An Early Archaic Mortuary Site in Southwestern Indiana PDF
Curtis H. Tomak 62-69


Abstracts PDF
Larry Yoder 70-73
Translocation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls into Tomatoes from Contaminated Soil PDF
William Swanson, William Beranek Jr., Sidney Bourne 74-76
Leaf Size Variation at Cook's Woods PDF
Gary E. Dolph, Ronald L. Kirkpatrick 77-82
Evaluation of Heterosis in Wheat PDF
Jerry W. Johnson, F. L. Patterson 83-87
Black Walnut Growth Increased When Interplanted with Nitrogen-Fixing Shrubs and Trees PDF
Paul M. Clark, Robert D. Williams 88-91

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Betty D. Allamong 92-98
Lipophilic Monofunctional Aldehydes Inhabit Ferricyanide Reduction by Photosystem II of Spinach Chloroplasts PDF
Beth E. Whitted, John E. Johnson, Rita Barr, Frederick L. Crane 99-103
Lipid Retension During electron Microscope Preparation of Penicillium chrysogenum PDF
Mary L. Richeson, Alice S. Bennett 104-109
Antigenicity of Solubilized Protein From Cells Infected with Pseud orabies Virus PDF
Iris L. Sun, Jo C. Wang, D. P. Gustafson 110-119
Histological Observation of Hepatocellular Carcinomas of Rats Fed Varying Amounts of Vitamin A PDF
Dorothy M. Morre, Paula C. Fink, Thomas Kloppel, Rachel Brody 120-125


Abstracts PDF
Clyde R. Metz 126-130
Practical Photometric Titrations With An Easily Constructed Reaction Cell PDF
Robert E. Van Atta 131-135
Potentiometric Titration Analysis of Real Samples with the Carbon Electrode PDF
Robert Van Atta 136-139
Ionization of Aqueous Mandelic Acid: Conductance and Thermodynamics PDF
Laurence E. Strong, Daniel Drake 140-148
Cleavage of Modified Adenosine Nucleotides by Two Phosphatases with Differing PH Options PDF
Barth Ragatz, Gina Modrak 149-152
Isozymes of Human Ribonuclease Demonstrated by Isoelectric Focusing PDF
John M. Thomas, M. E. Hodes 153-159


Abstracts PDF
Robert B. Priddy 160-165
Development of a Proposed List of Endangered and Threatened Vertebrate Animals for Indiana PDF
H. E. McReynolds, John O. Whitaker Jr., James O. Gammon 166-170
Cottontail Rabbit Utilization of Artificial Burrows in East Central Indiana PDF
Glen A. Nelson, Ralph Kirkpatrick, John J. Watkins 171-172
Developmental Mortality of Ambystoma tigrinum (Amphibia: Urodela) in Northern Indiana PDF
Madeline R. Couture, David M. Sever 173-175
Base Line Study of Lake Sno-Tip With Emphasis on Chemical Characteristics PDF
James C. Howald 176-181
Forage Legume Management Studies on Muck Soils PDF
B. O. Blair, C. L. Rhykerd, J. M. Hertel, V. L. Lechtenberg, N. P. Maxon 182-185
Edaphic Relationships of Spicebush Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume PDF
Wm Bliss Crankshaw, Kelly L. Cartwright 186-187


Abstracts PDF
Harold L. Zimmack 188-190
Ecomorphosis in Proisotoma vesiculata Folsom PDF
John W. Hart 191-193
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1978 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 194-199
Mating Behavior of Butterflies (Papilionoidea) and Skippers (Hesperioidea) in Indiana PDF
Ernest M. Shull 200-208
Distribution, Abundance, and Seasonality of Tiger Beetles (Cicindelidae) in the Indiana Dunes Region PDF
C. Barry Knisley 209-217
Lesser Peachtree Borer: Captures of Male Moths When One, Three, or Five Females Were Used as Bait in Traps PDF
D. G. Davis, T. E. Mouzin, H. L. Candler 218-222
Physiological Characterization of the Migratory Milkweed Bug: Oncopeltus fasciatus PDF
Earl A. Holmes, Ellen Malvezzi Peterson, Christine Petti 223-227
Associates of the Native Bee, Halictus (Seladonia) confusus Smith (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) PDF
Robert E. Dolphin 228-234

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Gerald R. Showalter 235-236
An Alternative Hypothesis for the Natural Formation of Opal PDF
William W. Davis 237-241
Environmental Geology of Vigo, Clay, and Sullivan Counties, Indiana PDF
Roger F. Boneham 242-249
An Example of Primary Sedimentological Control of Sulfur Distribution in Coal V in Sullivan County, Indiana PDF
Scot Adams, Gunnar Kullerud 250-255
Abatement of Combined Sewer Overflow and Urban Runoff Pollution in Indianapolis, Indiana Using Deep Tunnel Conveyance and Storage PDF
V. Peter Worland, Terry R. West 256-262
Fracture Study of the Paleozoic Bedrock in East Central Indiana PDF
David C. Pentecost, Alan C. Samuelson 263-277
Notable Contributions of Early Indiana Geologists PDF
John B. Patton 278-281
Regional Land Use Planning in Jasper, Newton, Pulaski, and Starke Counties, Indiana PDF
Christopher A. Larson 282-287
Opposition to Reservoir Construction PDF
Thomas Frank Barton 288-296
Customer Distribution of Selected Terre Haute, Indiana Shopping Centers PDF
Mark Witherspoon, Benjamin Moulton 297-303

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
William W. Baldwin 304-306
Heterotrophic Bacterial Population Associated With Leaf-Litter in an Indiana Stream PDF
Gary W. Pettibone, Donald A. Hendrickson 307-313


Abstracts PDF
Carl C. Sartain 314-315
Design of an Optical Microprobe for In Situ Fluorescence PDF
Torsten Alvager, Kenneth Williams 316-320
Preliminary Assessment of Fallout From the 1976-78 Nuclear Weapons Tests Conducted by the People's Republic of China PDF
R. A. Llewellyn, M. J. Llewellyn, R. L. Cook 321-325

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Theodore J. Crovello 326-331
The Indiana Biological Survey: An Unending Synthesis PDF
Theodore J. Crovello 332-341
New Records of Plant Species for Switzerland, Indiana PDF
Alan M. Hale 342-356
Lycopodium Flabelliforme in Central Indiana and Illinois PDF
John E. Ebinger 357-363
Synopsis of Heliomeris (Compositae) PDF
Willard F. Yates Jr., Charles B. Heiser Jr. 364-372

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Stanley S. Shimer 373-376
Small Computer Application of Pollutant Dispersal Models for Environmental Instruction PDF
Howard E. Dunn, Benjamin P. Miller 377-382
Minitransparencies as Teaching Aides PDF
William G. Wert 383-385

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Stephen A. Justham 386-389
Fate of Fertilizer Nitrogen Applied in Two Indiana Soils Cropped to Corn PDF
D. W. Nelson, R. K. Stivers 390-397
Classification of the Sloping Soils of the West Baden Group in Monroe County, Indiana PDF
Jerry A. Thomas, De Wayne Williams 398-404
History of the Miami Series in Indiana PDF
Frank W. Sanders, H. Raymond Sinclair Jr., Harry M. Galloway 405-410
A Study of the Severity of Indiana's 1977 and 1978 Winters Using Heating Degree Days Determined from Both Measured and Wind Chill Temperatures PDF
Patricia M. Dare, Phillip J. Smith 411-422


Abstracts PDF
Jackson L. Marr 423-425
Chiggers (Acarina: Trombiculidae) From the Mammals of Indiana PDF
John O. Whitaker Jr., Richard B. Loomis 426-433
Further Information on the Health and Longevity of the Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum Cope) PDF
Robert H. Cooper, James C. List 434-435
A Study of a Population of Passer domesticus that has been Shown to the Carrying St. Louis Encephalitis PDF
Brian D. Anderson, Charles E. Mays 436-447
Chemotactic Responses of Halteria grandinella PDF
Coleridge M. Churchill Jr., Henry Tamar 448-451

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