Vol 90 (1980)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers and committees, minutes, reports, necrology, new members PDF
  iii-xiii, 3-44

President's Address

Presidental Address: "Scientific Research and Economic Indicators," PDF
Robert E. Henderson 45-62

Special Address

1980-81 "Speaker of the Year" Address: "Progress in Resolving Food Safety Problems: Systematic Evaluation of GRAS Food Ingredients," PDF
Harry G. Day 63-71


Abstracts PDF
Francis X. Grollig 72-73
An Experiment With Time Control in Intensive Site Survey PDF
James O. Bellis 74-79
The Fate of the Soul in Modern Aztec Religious Thought PDF
Paul Jean Provost 80-85


Abstracts PDF
Gary Dolph 86-91
Phosphate Stimulates or Inhibits Silicomolybdate Reduction in Spinach Chloroplasts PDF
Rita Barr, Frederick L. Cane 92-97
Juglone Dermatitis: Allergy or Irritant? PDF
Deborah Williams Craton, Robert D Williams 98-102
Woody Vegetation of the Cass County Outdoor Education and Wildlife Area PDF
Gary E. Dolph, Jon Bolke, Jill Roader 103-106
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana — 1980 PDF
Gail E. Evans-Ruhl, Donald H. Scott, Paul C. Pecknold 107-124
Chromium-Zinc Interaction in Accumulation of Minerals by Bush Beans PDF
Heidi A Schmitt, Connie M. Weaver 125-128

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Stanley N. Grove 129-135
Effect of Maternal Thyroid Activity Upon In Vitro Protein Synthesis in the Rat Blastocyst PDF
Vernon G. Archer, James P. Holland 136-142
Chemically Induced Hepatocellular Inclusions Associated with Tumorigenicity in the Liver of the Rat PDF
S. D. Barnard, S. D. Warner, W. J. Caldwell, F. Parenti 143-149
Evidence for A Trans-Plasma Membrane Electron Transport System in Plant Cells PDF
Theodore A. Craig, Frederick L. Crane 150-155
Teratogenic Potential of Phenytoin in Differnent Strains of Mice PDF
D. K. Hansen, M. E. Hodes 156-160
Comparison of Metastatic and Non-metastatic Transplantable Tumors from the Jaw region of the Rat PDF
Gary R. Matyas, Dorothy A. Werderitsh, Dorothy M. Morre, D. James Morre 161-173


Abstracts PDF
Edward Miller 174-179
Interactions of Various Homopolypeptides with Human Platelet-Rich Plasma Suspensions PDF
Barth H. Ragatz 180-185
Fluoride Content of Common Foods PDF
James T. Streator, Pam Bertram, Caryl L. Coy 186-189


Abstracts PDF
W. Herbert Senft 190-196
Fishes Reported from Waters of the Hoosier National Forest PDF
Forrest C. Brown, Thomas S. McComish 197-203
Fishes of Spicer Lake PDF
Clarence F. Dineen 204-207
The Implications of Rotenone Eradication on the Fish Community of Eagle Creek in Central Indiana PDF
William L. Fisher, James R. Gammon 208-215
Alopecurus Pratensis L. Discovered in Porter County PDF
C. L. Rhykerd, E. L. Hood, B. O. Blair, Ekpo Ossom, J. W. Lightner 216-218


Abstracts PDF
Donald D. Gray 219-223
Grain Reserve Systems: Failure of Multiobjective Decisions Under Catastrophic Intervention, A Case for Topologic Stability in Singular Mapping PDF
Bithin Datta, Mark H. Houck 224-229
Reservoir Operating Rules PDF
Mohammad Karamouz, Mark H. Houck 230-233


Abstracts PDF
Michael Sinsko 234-237
Treehole Productivity for Aedes triseriatus in Northern Indiana, 1975 vs. 1979 PDF
Stephen L. Durso, George B. Craig Jr. 238-247
Distribution of Aedes triseriatus (Say) in an Urban Area: Comparison of Two Survey Methods PDF
Lorraine Leiser 248-253
Indiana Pine Wilt Nematode Survey PDF
Philip T. Marshall, John J. Favinger 254-258
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1980 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 259-265
Effect of Photoperiod and Temperature upon the Growth Rate of the Later Instars of Erythemis simplicicollis (Say) (Odonata; Libellulidae) PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 266-273
New Distrubtion Records for Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in St. Joseph County, Indiana PDF
David B. Taylor 274-280

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
Howard Dunn 281-282
Effects of Nitric Oxides, Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitric Oxide-Nitrogen Dioxide Pretreatments on the Sensitivity of Tomato cv. Rutgers to Ozone PDF
Thad J. Godish 283-286
Phosphorus Status of Selected Indiana Lake and Reservoir Sediments PDF
D. W. Nelson, E. D. Orme 287-292
Chemical Analysis of Water Samples from Three Lakes in the Greene-Sullivan State Forest and the Wabash River at Clinton, Indiana PDF
Joseph R. Siefker, David P. McCleary 293-295

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Kenneth R. Brehob 296-298
Rurbanization and Countryside Urban Web in Indiana PDF
Thomas Frank Barton 299-305
A Statistical Correlation of Sulfur Content in Coal 5 and the Overlying Gray Shale PDF
S. N. Ghose 306-312
An Analysis of Irregularity of Surveyed Sections in Indiana PDF
Andrea Sjoreen, Richard L. Powell 313-322
Faulting in Perry and Spencer Counties, Indiana PDF
Dan M. Sullivan, Curtis H. Ault, George F. Tanner 323-328

History of Science

Abstract: Charles Lyell's Geologic Observations in Indiana, 1846 PDF
R. William Orr 329
Mendel and the Origin of Species PDF
Gene Kristsky 330-334
Arthur J. Pinney, M.D., Indiana's First Subsurface Geologist PDF
Walter H. Pierce 335-339

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Everett F. Morris 340-343
Bacterial Community Dynamics and Species Diversity of SLime Producing Bacteria at Selected Sites on the Ohio River PDF
Donald Hendrickson 344-350
Analysis of Factors Influencing Population Dynamics of Slime Forming Bacteria at Selected Sites on the Ohio River PDF
Donald Hendrickson, Thomas S. McComish 351-356
Properties of Defective Interfering Particles Induced by Photodynamic Treatment on Pseudorabies Virus PDF
I. L. Sun, D. P. Gustafson 357-365

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
Gerald P. Thomas 366-367
"Contra Luz Opal:" Structure and Optical Properties PDF
William W. Davis 368-374
Microcomputer Assisted Coulomb Scattering Measurements in Nuclear Emulsion Pellicles PDF
Gerald P. Thomas, Mark Coggins 375-381

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
John A. Bacone 382-384
The Status of Indiana's Rarest Plants: A Revision of the List of Endangered and Threatened Vascular Plants PDF
John A. Bacone, Cloyce L. Hedge, Theodore J. Crovello 385-387
Plant Distribution Records for Rush, Shelby and Decatur Countries PDF
Mary Patricia Coons 388-389
Vegetation Survey of Hillside Seeps at Turkey Run State Park PDF
John E. Ebinger, John A. Bacone 390-394
Additions to the Flora Of Gibson County, Indiana PDF
William E. McClain 395-397
Additions to the Flora of Vermillion County, Indiana PDF
William E. McClain 398-402

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
William G. Wert 403-405

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Donald P. Franzmeier 406-407
Freeze-Thaw Cycles in Indiana Soils PDF
Robert F. Dale, Beth C. Reinke, John E. Wright 408-415
Morphology, Hydrology, and Management of Clermont Soils PDF
J. J. King, D. P. Franzmeier 416-422
Effect of NPK Fertilization on Dry Matter Yield and Crude Protein Concentration of Poa pratensis L. Grown on Muck Soil PDF
J. W. Lightner, C. L. Rhykerd, E. L. Hood, G. E. Van Scoyoc, D. B. Mengel 423-427
Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment on Particle-Size Analysis PDF
G. C. Steinhardt, D. P. Franzmeier, S. C. Valentine 428-434
Fraction Sizes Change Available Phosphorus and Potassium Soil Test Values PDF
Russell K. Stivers 435-438


Abstracts PDF
Robert R. Pinger 439-442
Extra Limbs in the Small-Mouthed Salamander, Ambystoma texanum PDF
Barbara A. Brown 443-445
A Fish Faunal Survey of Posey County, Indiana PDF
Thomas R. Kozel, Gordon K. Weddle, Kathry L. Welborn, John T. Dailey, Don C. Dailey, Melvin W. Denner 446-453
Survey of the Fishes of the St. Joseph River Drainage in St. Joseph and Elkhart counties, Indiana PDF
Ginger Lee Marenchin, David M. Sever 454-460
Foods of Larval, Subadult and Adult Smallmouth Salamanders, Ambystoma texanum, from Vigo County, Indiana PDF
John O. Whitaker Jr., Wynn W. Cudmore, Barbara A. Brown 461-464

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF