Vol 112, No 2 (2003)

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Editor, Editorial Board, Officers PDF
Indiana Academy of Science


Wesley Chapel Gulf revisited: Geomorphic processes affecting development of the alluvial floor of a karst gulf in Orange County, Indiana PDF
James M. Durbin, Ryan C. Jones, Brendan Anslinger, Danise Guy 97-108


Chemical characterization of fresh, used and weathered motor oil via GC/MS, NMR and FTIR techniques PDF
Elena Dominguez-Rosado, John Pichtel 109-116


The Late Archaic component of the Miles site, Clark County, Indiana PDF
Andrew A. White 117-131


Fiisicladium levieri, a fungal parasite of persimmon, found in Indiana PDF
Markus SchoUer, Uwe Braun, Gail Ruhl 132-134
A floristic inventory and description of the structure and composition of the plant communities of Botany Glen, Grant County, Indiana PDF
Amanda L. Stonehouse, Kemuel S. Badger, Donald G. Ruch, Paul E. Rothrock 135-159
Early succession in a tallgrass prairie restoration and the effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, and micronutrient enrichments PDF
Paul E. Rothrock, Edwin R. Squiers 160-168


Freshwater heliozoa (Protista, Heliozoa) from Indiana PDF
Daniel E. Wujek 169-174
Distribution patterns of freshwater shrimp and crayfish (Decapoda: Cambaridae) in the Patoka River basin of Indiana PDF
Thomas P. Simon, Roger F. Thoma 175-185
Breeding bird communities in burned and unburned sites in a mature Indiana oak forest PDF
Steven M. Aquilani, Thomas E. Morrell, David C. LeBlanc 186-191

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