Vol 113, No 2 (2004)

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Editor, Editorial Board, Officers PDF
Indiana Academy of Science


Recent macromycetes records from three east-central Indiana counties PDF
Donald G. Ruch 99-108


Changes in population structure of yellow perch following manual removal PDF
William F. Bauer, Trent M. Sutton, Roger W. Greil, Kenneth G. Ostrand 109-114
Incipient second dorsal fin egg mimics in the spottail darter, Etheostoma squamicepsl PDF
James H. Bandoli, Deborah C. Morera, Michael L. Walls 115-122
Description of developmental stages of the stonecat, Noturus flavus and the slender madtom, Noturus exilis Siluriformes: Ictaluridae) PDF
Thomas P. Simon, Brooks M. Burr 123-132
Implications of chinook salmon presence on water quality standards in a Great Lakes area of concern PDF
Thomas P. Simon, Paul M. Stewart, Daniel W. Sparks, Alex Peine, James R. Smith 133-139
Anuran habitat use on abandoned and reclaimed mining areas of southwestern Indiana PDF
Anne Timm, Vicky Meretsky 140-146
Natural history data on the mole salamander (Ambystoma talpoideum) in Indiana PDF
Rod N. Williams, Brian J. MacGowan 147-150
Bats of the Indianapolis International Airport area, 1991-2001 PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr., Dale W. Sparks, Virgil Brack, Jr. 151-161
Gender differences in parental feeding effort of Cerulean Warblers at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, Indiana PDF
Joseph Allen, Kamal Islam 162-165

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Instructions to Authors, Index PDF